How many cats are too many?

How many cats are too many?

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The occasional newspaper reports speak of crazy cat people who have too many felines in their house. The number of cats is so much that even their owner is unable to tell the number of cats present. Too many felines could be a bad thing as the owner will be unable to take care of individual felines and some may even die of sickness as the owner was not even aware that the animal was sick.

Dirty houses

Contrary to popular perception, all cat hoarders are not comfortably rich. They range from all kinds of the economic spectrum. Many of them, however, are unmarried and a majority of them are females. No wonder these people have even found depiction in movies and television soaps, leading sad, unfulfilling lives. Both owners and cats live a less than ideal life as a staggering 69 percent of such households were found to be dumping grounds of feces and urine, even in the living areas. Beds are found to be soiled in about 25 percent of cases.The negative statistics does not end here. About 80 percent of the reported hoarding houses have sick or even dead animals inside without the owner knowing about it. Cats are the most hoarded animals (65 percent) followed by rabbits and small dogs.

Maximum six

According to experts, an individual must not have more than five cats. If you really love cats, six is the maximum. There is no going more than this amount. This is as it is impossible for any person or even a household to care for more than six cats. Someone with an excessive number of cats will surely show behavioral problems. Animal behavior experts also warn against too many felines in the house. Since the litter box has a finite area, there will be urination problems, and fighting between the cats will be a regular affair. For a cat owner, keeping track of the health of the pets will be a huge problem. Infections, if any, will spread quickly from a single cat to multiple cats in a swift manner.If you love cats, then it is advisable to have a two cat household. One cat must be older than the other and the two must be of different sexes. A lot of joy can be had from the sight of two cats playing. Both of them can play with you too. It is good to have a companion- both for you and also for your cat. If you elect to own two cats then you must go for compatible ones. Do not bring home two of the same sex. It is an excellent idea to join a cat club so that you can interact with other feline owners in case of trouble.

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