Do Cats Recognize Human Faces?


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Cats do not look at us the same way we look at cats or even towards ourselves. Their view is feline and it helps to understand the cat's literal point of view if you want to understand them better.

Cats and color

Cats can-theoretically- see color but they see humans along with the rest of the universe in a dissimilar light. The feline eyes have few cones which respond to the red light spectrum, and their world is thus yellow, blue, and gray. To a cat, green and red are the same. Your cat will not understand if you wear a bright red T-shirt. On the other hand, cats could see colors humans cannot. Felines and a few other mammals could decipher colors at the spectrum's ultraviolet end. These are the colors which humans normally see under black light. Since many things on earth have ultraviolet coloration, the cat may actually enjoy a vivid colorful universe.

If you stand too far away from your cat, you will appear like a big blur. The eyes of the cat do not have muscles which are found in human eyes. Unlike us, they cannot change lens' shape to clearly focus on objects at varying distances. This is the reason cats cannot focus on things found anywhere between six to 20 inches away. To put it in a single sentence, cats are colorblind and nearsighted. Their view of the world is like a place illuminated by black light.

Are humans other species

To a cat, you are a clumsy animal and a member of a giant cat family. This is the reason your cat rubs up against you and lifts the tail. It is showing itself to a big cat-you. Unlike dogs which can differentiate between humans and other dogs, cats cannot. It is to be remembered that although cats view us as clumsy, they do not regard humans as foolish animals. Truth be told, you do not greet a foolish person by rubbing yourself against it. Cats also see humans as family members. When a cat kneads you with its paws, it is like a kitten loving its mother. When you cat kneads you, give it milk. If your cat pays too much attention towards you, it means that you are like a kitten to your cat.

Humans apart

Cats cannot differentiate between human faces and do not care how you look like. Unlike dogs, they would not even try to differentiate human faces. In an experiment conducted by an American university, the kitties could recognize their handlers less than 50 percent of their time. A cat, however, could differentiate easily one cat from another. This they can achieve under any light condition or under any environment.

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