Rehoming Your Cat

Rehoming Your Cat

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Many families want to rehome their cats due to several reasons. The list of reasons vary from one member of the family being allergic to cats, or one member is pregnant and thus unable to scoop the cat's litter box. Many give up when they relocate to a new address, or the cat does not like a new addition to the household like a boyfriend or husband. These families then call the nearest animal shelter so that the cat can be taken away and rehomed. The cat is found a new home where it spends an enjoyable life.

Cat overpopulation is a problem

If you want to rehome your cat and hope to find it a good and loving home then keep in mind that too many cats are roaming free nowadays. Cat overpopulation is a reality. No wonder, two cats out of three get euthanized. Kittens are put to sleep too if good homes are not located for them. If these facts make you sad and helpless, then hope is at hand. Many organizations help to rehome kitties. Most organizations which pick up unwanted cats and stray ones want them to be adopted by families. These rehome specialist organizations do not see their activities as "rescue." What they do is to take cats and neuter the animals so that the adoption process of that specific cat becomes much easier. Stray cats are trapped, neutered, and then released in the wild.

Sending the kitty to a loving home

A rehoming organization will give you excellent advice on how to make sure that your cat gets the loving home it deserves. Sterilizing the kitty helps to achieve this end. If your cat is not sterilized, you can take it to the veterinarian yourself or the rehoming organization can do that for you. The procedure is, and many clinics do the process cheaply and efficiently. Do not give your cat to the first person who requests it. A few unscrupulous individuals make a profit from selling cats and other animals for scientific purposes. Kitties are also sold as food for other predators. Such cruel individuals trawl some popular Internet lists. Do the due homework about the potential taker or buyer before you transfer your kitty to them. The best way to find a loving home for your cat is through social media. It means that if you want peace of mind on the subject of rehoming your cat, then you have to do the deed yourself.

In case you have no option but to surrender your kitty, then contact your nearest humane society. Schedule an appointment, take your cat, and drop it there. The humane society generally has a list of telephone numbers of families who would love to adopt your cat.

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