5 Things You Didn't Realize Are Making Your Cat Anxious


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Cats are really interesting animals. Most of the time, they seem to be in their own minds, enjoying their own companies. They are as fun as they are mysterious. Although cats do like their alone time, too much alone time will only do damage. Yes, cats can be closed off at times, but that doesnโ€™t mean that they donโ€™t need their human to pay attention to them and pamper them. Cats tend to get anxious a lot and we might not notice it right away because we would write it off as cats being cats. But when theyโ€™re anxious or depressed, they are not happy. We might even be the cause of their anxiety! We could do something that seems like no big deal to us, but it could mean something to your cat. Here are 5 things that make your cat anxious.

  1. Loud voicesCats are overly sensitives. Loud noises could spook them really easily. If your kitten was subject to really loud noises during the first few months of her life, then chances are that sheโ€™ll be spooked forever. It doesnโ€™t even have to be that loud a noise for it to scare her. You could be blasting your music or playing the TV really loud. There also tends to be a lot of raucous when you have guests over. Plan wisely, donโ€™t let this upset your cat. Try speaking softly and providing your cat with a safe space where she can go to, to collect herself.
  2. Your absenceAlthough cats may seem like they got it all figured out, they still miss their human. Some cats experience strong separation anxiety. This maybe because of prior neglect, rehoming, or multiple homes. Make sure you say goodbye to your cat before you leave her alone. Understand her fears and give her love.
  3. ThunderstormsFireworks and loud storms are a definite no for your cat. If sheโ€™s easily spooked from loud music or the TV, imagine her fright when she hears loud thunder or crackers. Take care of your cat during storms. Make her feel at ease by speaking to her. Try murmuring. Donโ€™t leave her out of your sight. She wonโ€™t always show it, but she appreciates your support.
  4. CuddlesRespect their space. Cats arenโ€™t always crazy about cuddles. In fact, you might do more harm than good when you try to pick them up and flood them with love out of nowhere. Be aware of boundaries. If your cat wants to be cuddles, sheโ€™ll come to you.
  5. New petsAnother addition to your pet family could really ignite some serious anxiety in your cat. So make sure you introduce your new pets to your cat slowly and carefully. Devise a plan and stick to it.
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