4 Ways to Improve Your Catโ€™s Immune System

4 Ways to Improve Your Catโ€™s Immune System

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Apart from feeding your cats with supplements such as

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to boost its immune system, there are also certain things you can do to help your catโ€™s immune system improve. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Diet:Cats need to be on a diet that is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and proteins and amino acids. Antioxidants are important so that your catโ€™s health is safe from the harmful pathogens and pollutants in the environment. An antioxidant-rich food minerals and vitamins such as Vitamins A, C and E. These nutrients are important agents in helping your catโ€™s body survive under heavy stress. A sick catโ€™s body can have a break-down in the immune system, exposing it to a number of harmful pathogens. An anti-oxidant rich diet comes to the rescue of your catโ€™s immune system in such times and saves it from dangerous illnesses and conditions.Amino acids help in the production of T-cells. These cells aggressively attack hazardous growths and developments in your catโ€™s body. These cells prevent the development of cancerous and infectious cells.Fatty acids like omega-3 oils are all-rounders for your catโ€™s immune system. Omega oils reduce the production of harmful substances that can lead to causing cancer, arthritis, diabetes and other auto-immune illnesses.
  2. Exercise:Create an environment for your cat that gives it ample opportunity to exercise and have physical activity. A cat that does not move around much is more prone to immune system issues. Making your catโ€™s life exciting by providing opportunities to run about playing, hunting, walking- anything that can help it balance food-intake and prevents it from becoming overweight can really help boost up your catโ€™s immune system.
  3. Environment:Just like in human beings, an environment that is highly stressful can cause a break-down in the immune system. An environment with too much stimulation can keep your catโ€™s nervous system constantly active, thereby leading to immune system problems. For example, a place where there are too many cats could lead to fights, competition and other ugly duels between the cats, so that their autonomic arousal is constantly high.On the other hand, an environment which is peaceful provides ample opportunity to sleep and relax and to play will help your catโ€™s mental health to be undisturbed. This will, in turn, reduce autonomic arousal, and boost up your catโ€™s immune system.
  4. Hygiene:Any cat owner will know that cats do not like to be dirty. Keep the surroundings of your cat clean to reduce the chance of infections and diseases. Cats clean themselves by constantly licking on their body. A dirty environment may lead to a cat ingesting harmful substances.
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