Grooming Styles for Pomeranians

Grooming Styles for Pomeranians

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Pomeranians are adorable small breed dogs. Learn about their exquisite fluffy coats and the different ways they can be groomed.

Pomeranians have thick double coats that give these dogs an appearance that's between a tiny lion and a teddy bear. The long, fluffy coat needs frequent grooming to keep it clean and free of mats. If you don't have time to brush your pet several times per week, one answer can be a professional grooming and a stylish new look. If the new style includes a shorter coat, it will decrease the time you have to spend grooming your pet at home. Beware, however, if you think you may want the full coat back someday. It may never be quite the same.

Lion Cut

One of the most popular cuts for Pomeranians is the lion cut. This style plays on the Pomeranian's natural lion-like appearance. It retains the full mane of the dog around the shoulders, face and chest. The fur on the rest of the body is clipped fairly close, usually with electric clippers, but the tip of the tail is left untrimmed, again playing to the lion-like look. With this cut, regular grooming of the mane still is needed to prevent tangling. Monitor the dog's skin, because close shaving exposes the skin of the elbows and body, sometimes leading to sores on the skin, ingrown hairs or even sunburn.

Puppy Cut

The puppy cut, sometimes called a teddy bear cut, trims the entire coat to 2 or 3 inches in length. The cut rounds the fur of the face and legs, giving the dog a uniform coat and the appearance of a puppy or teddy bear. This style works well if you don't want to groom your dog as often, because the short hair is easier to comb through. The style also gives your dog a lighter, more comfortable coat for warmer weather. Because the fur isn't shaved down to the skin, this cut may cause fewer skin issues for your Pomeranian than a lion cut or full shave.


If you are unable to brush your Pomeranian's coat daily, you may opt to have the entire coat shaved off. A shave may also be needed when a Pomeranian's coat is so intensely tangled and matted because of neglected grooming that it cannot be brushed out without causing the dog pain. Female Pomeranians used for breeding are sometimes shaved for ease of care during pregnancy. However, in some cases a coat that has been shaved may not grow back as full or lush as it was originally.

Show Cut

If you wish to show your Pomeranian, you have little choice about grooming styles. Pomeranian show standards promulgated by the American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club don't allow extensive altering of the dog's natural coat. According to the breed standard for those organizations, only light trimming of the coat to neaten it and keep its natural shape is allowed. Slight trimming of the ears, feet and anus to clean up any loose hair is also recommended by the UKC. Hair should be removed from under the feet and clipped to about 1/2 inch in length around the anus for cleanliness and health reasons. Inside the ears, the hair is removed to prevent ear infections. Shaving, or grooming styles that change the natural lines of the hair, aren't allowed.


Don't shave a dog you intend to show at some future date, thinking the fur will grow back. Shaving sometimes affects the texture of the fur, causing it to grow in more coarse, more soft, or more patchy than it originally was. A poor coat can disqualify your dog from showing.

Bring along pictures of the style you want when you take your Pomeranian to the groomer, rather than just naming a particular style. Groomers may have different ideas of what these styles are.

If you are grooming your dog for show, make certain the stylist has worked with a show Pomeranian before, to prevent accidental incorrect styling of the coat.

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