Taking Care of a Pomeranian Puppy


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If your favorite place is your own home, then adopt a Pomeranian. These dogs are nature's answer to alarms and will bark loudly if a guest enters its realm. Pomeranians also have a friendly nature and offer unconditional love to their families. It is imperative that you, the owner, reciprocate in kind. It is your responsibility to satisfy it by attending to the dog's unique requirements.

Food requirements

You must prepare a fresh batch of dry dog food every day and give the same to your Pomeranian in a bowl. It is essential to replenish it when the stock gets exhausted. This breed enjoys a high metabolic rate, meaning it must eat at regular intervals. Your Pomeranian, when it reaches six months of age, must consume two to three meals every day. This must continue all its life. The median weight of this dog breed range from three pounds to seven pounds. Do consult your veterinarian about your canine's ideal weight. Take care not to make your dog overweight as its fragile bones cannot take excess luggage.

Brush and bath

Use a dog shampoo and dog conditioner for bathing your Pomeranian. This should be done at least once every month. Use a slicker brush to smooth her fur when you blow dry. This will minimize tangles. If your dog suffers a tangle, use a detangling solution to saturate the area and then use the fingers to pick the fur strands apart. Do this as quickly as possible since the tangled hair will soon form a hard mat.

Do brush the teeth of your Pomeranian with a specially made dog toothbrush and animal-friendly toothpaste once every day. This breed is susceptible to lose their adult teeth prematurely but it is possible to delay such an occurrence. There is another advantage too: a good condition of the teeth symbolizes a better heart condition in the dog. Do not forget to play with the Pomeranian. Take it to walks so that it gets sufficient exercise. There is no point to make the dog's daily exercise a boring affair. You can make it a fun-filled activity by teaching the dog a number of tricks like fetching the ball. Hide its favorite toys and give appreciation when it tracks them down. Pomeranians enjoy an excellent developed smell sense and will love such activity. Reward your dog with treats.

Give your Pomeranian a safe and cozy place when you leave it alone. Use a dog crate to fulfill this function. You can also use it when traveling with your Pomeranian. Select a crate sufficiently big for the Pomeranian to stand up. It must also turn around and lie down with complete ease.

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