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Dog Vomiting Mucus? Here’s Why, and What You Can Do About It

From an Upset Stomach to Regurgitating Mucus, We've Got Answers

By September 18, 2013 | See Comments

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Dog Vomiting Mucus? Here’s Why, and What You Can Do About It

Dogs can vomit a little after overeating, but if you notice your dog vomiting mucus then there might be cause for concern. Find out why this happens and what you can do to help.

If you notice your dog vomiting mucus, it may be cause for concern. But before you freak out, make sure you know all the facts first.

Vomiting in dogs is often confused with two other health conditions—the regurgitation of food (which is often covered in mucus), and expectoration, or coughing up mucus.

When you tell your vet that your dog has been vomiting mucus, she or he will likely want to rule out regurgitation and coughing as the culprits before determining what could cause your dog to vomit mucus.

Vomiting in Dogs

Vomiting does often begin with a form of clear liquid leaving the mouth—drooling. When plagued with nausea, dogs often drool and swallow more than normal. You’ll notice, that unlike in regurgitation, yacking is an active condition—your dog’s stomach will move in effort to bring up whatever’s going to come out of her or his mouth. Bile—usually a yellow or orange liquid—will often be present since this vomit has traveled from the stomach or intestines.

The cause: Some of the causes of vomiting in dogs include digestive issues, diabetes, and kidney failure. If your dog solely vomits foam or a yellow or clear liquid, it could indicate acute gastritis, pancreatitis, intestinal blockage, or other issues.

Regurgitating in Dogs

When regurgitating, your dog’s fluids and foods will escape easily—typically in a tube form (shaped like the esophagus it’s just traveled from), covered in a slick layer of mucus—without having to work at it. Your dog may even be as surprised as you are by this occurrence. There may be symptoms of coughing and gagging. Bile is not likely to be present. After regurgitation, your pet may want to eat the food that’s just resurfaced, so speedy cleanup is advised.

The cause: Usually regurgitation is the result of a glitch in the throat, esophagus, or the valve between the esophagus and the stomach.

Coughing in Dogs

If you’ve witnessed your dog hacking up mucus or foamy liquids, your pet may be coughing, not vomiting. The parts of the body that move visibly while a dog is coughing are the chest and ribs.

The cause: This symptom could signal a problem with your dog’s esophagus, respiratory system, sinuses, or heart. To learn more, read about gastritis in dogs and coughing in dogs.

How PetPlus Can Help

Whatever the cause of your dog's upset stomach, PetPlus has all the medication they might need to cure it. Meds like metoclopramide that can help ease their upset stomach can be purchased at a fraction of their retail cost, saving you a considerable amount (over half off in the case of metroclopramide).

This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for the professional advice of, or diagnosis or treatment by, your veterinarian with respect to your pet. It has, however, been verified by a licensed veterinarian for accuracy.




put him in a pit he was born to be in a pit and he should definatly be in one nature will decide if his illness is good or not.


put her down she is suffering and that is the humane thing to do


disabled -would if I could


Sounds more serious than an upset stomach. I would take the dog to the Vet asap if you haven't already.


been vomiting 2 days and hasn't eaten in 52hrs - doesn't want food


Everyone in this thread is an idiot. Do you really expect someone is going to answer your cry for help after describing this vague problem your dog has??? The answer to almost every single question is, take your dog to the vet. Wth


my dog is 13 golden and is throwing up foam and bile and also her hind legs are so wobbly she can not wald. I am sure something happened yesterday


Is it ok to have him drink water or liquids during this period


I had to put my dog down because he had a growth on his right cheek on his face. It was leaking blood everywhere. He was going to turn 10 on the 14th of March of this year. I cried when we put him down. He was put down in July of last year.


scrambled Egg, rice and cottage cheese seemed to be mild enough that it settled his stomach and the vomiting stopped.


My Puppy is 5 months .. She's a pit bull mixed with a bull mastiff .. She has been vomiting mucus at first and then white foam and today she started throwing up blood ..she doesn't wanna eat or drink anything we have tried to keep her hydrated but she throws everything up .. I don't know what to do .. I don't wanna give up on her .. Any advice or suggestions!?


Of course they did! Buy their products.... But they don't even tell you what products to buy for the multiple things they briefly addressed.


Hey my puppy is just 3 months old and their vomiting yellowish sometimes white clear liqued and sometimes its gooey greenish/yellowish and sometimes they try to vomite but nothing comes out and sometimes it gets stuck in their mouth. and lose of appetite what should i do??


My dog is about 7+ months and hes a razor pitbull. Hes been throwing up for about 3-4 days and tonight its been nothing but white foam and slobber and this is about the 6th or 7th time hes barfed. He tried eating and it didnt work. What should we do?


My puppy is 18 weeks old he doesnt really want water and hasnt really been finishing his food he acts normal and plays all the time but on Wednesday he threw up about 5 times and it stopped but he still wasn't finishing his food or drinking much water but he just threw up flem with a yellow liquid came out someone help should I be worried ?


Two year old vomiting yellow light mucousy stuff


I need help please!! My dog is coughing and has been for a few days... We thought since he wasn't throwing up maybe he swallowed something (since kids were here and they had candy no chocolate) so someone told us to try and get him to throw up so we did he just threw up dog food. And then mucus stuff... He felt better for the rest of the day barely coughing then today it's been none stop throwing up mucus. About 4days before this all started he was at the groomers(this one for the first time) but he didn't seem weird when he came home. Please help me he isn't drinking much. He's a lab 6yrs old in October and he is a chunk weighing 106lbs


No. Do not give Pepto Bismol to dogs. My vet advised me against it.


When i got home i saw that my poodle had thrown up a seemingly thick yellow liquid. There didnt appear to have been any food in it. Any ideas?


My fur baby is a little over a year old very healthy energetic guy in the past few hours he's not been himself he's not bad lethargic but don't want to move much then he started vomiting white mucus dog food and grass...I have him pepto the vomiting subsided but are there any known k9 flus going around. No sneezing, coughing or diarrhea


Mine has to has yours improved


Take your dog to a vet immediately. It's an infection the in the digestive tract. I lost my Rhodesian Ridgeback to it, because all the vets misdiagnosed.


You guys haven't made that correction. You need to.


My puppy is 10 months old and he started vomiting here and there for the past 2 weeks 3 time with in that period. He is still energetic, but noticed he doesnt eat at his normal times though the day But till eats. Yellow type liquid and no food inside. He is black lab and border collie mix.. any ideas?


I wouldn't. Try some plain rice and a tbsp canned pumpkin.


My dog is 17 yr old chihuahua and vomiting bile a few times can I give her Pepto bismol?


My dog just-started throwing up very concerned what should I do?


Same thing I was wondering...???


Fair point, Rizz. We will make a correction.


why put "What you can do about it" in the title, if thats not going to be in the article.

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