Can Math Help You Choose the Ideal Dog?



Picking out family-oriented pupsย isn't always an easy decision. With so many different breeds to choose from, how do you find the one you really want?According to FastCoDesign, math might be the

secret to bringing a dog into your home


David McCandless, a data journalist and information designer based out of London, set out to provide legitimate analysis of the world's favorite pooches.Odds are you haveย read different articles on unique breeds or followed the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show to find out which canine appeals to youย the most.ย But there's never been a quantitative reasonย forย choosing dogs - until now.McCandless created a graphic that breaks down pooches by several qualities, including intelligence, lack of genetic disorders, grooming and estimated costs. He combined each breed's rankings for the categories along an X axis and their overall popularity on a Y axis. This model helped determine whether they were "underrated" or "rightly ignored," according to McCandless.After his lengthy analysis, McCandless determined that border terriers and Welsh springer spaniels were undervalued, while English bulldogs were overrated. While someย of his analysis is useful, the chart doesn't need to be the linchpin in yourย decision making.

How do you pick the right pooch?

It's important to remember that dogs require a lot of upkeep to maintain their health. From daily walks, training, and regular grooming, there's always work to be done with your canine. But they're like another child, and choosing the best

family-oriented pups

for your household is challenging.Outside magazine recommended

everyone's favorite family pooch

: the Labrador retriever. One of the most popular dogs in the nation, these canines are fiercely loyal and smart. This makes them easy to train and allows your kids to helpย takeย care of them. Labs are a medium to large breed that requires a lot of exercise, so make sure you're ready to dish out the high quantity of exercise and engagement they need.The I Love Dogs Site suggested that

owners with younger children consider adopting Boxers

into their families. One of this breed's most endearing qualities is their love for kids. These

family-oriented pups

crave human interaction and prefer to be close by their owners rather than off on their own.Whichever breed you choose, be sure to sign up for


to access discounted accessories and supplements for your new canine.

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