Best Dog Fans

Best Dog Fans

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Hot days have come back, and it is time to buy your dog its own fan. This item is essential as canines cannot sweat, and it is hard for these animals to stay cool. You can help your dog to stay cool by adding an external cold element. The canine will begin to pant so that it can inhale cooler air. The problem is that such a solution does not cover the entire body. This is the reason dogs like to lie down on a cool surface. It will also drink cold water if you give it.

Bladeless fans

Do not buy a standard floor or table fan to cool your dog. This is as the blades could injure your dog. You can use a bladeless fan like the Dyson models. A number of tower fans are dog-friendly too. Other than a dog fan, you can help your canine to cool down by installing a cold water fountain at home. Whatever you do, it is not a good idea to use a standard issue floor or table fan. They are unstable and could be tilted even by the smallest animal. The blades will hurt the dog even with the presence of the safety grid. The dog's hair may get tangled with the rotating blades.

It follows that bladeless fans are the only fans suited for dogs and other pets. Bladeless fans are called in the market as air multipliers. Their working technologies are different than standard fans. Bladeless fans could be either floor, tower, or table fans. Choosing one is your personal decision. The common choice is a tower air multiplier. In case you own a bigger dog, a low fan makes a better choice as it will nor tilt quickly.

Silence is important

Before you buy a tower air multiplier, make sure that the device is a silent one. The ideal fan is a compromise between blowing power and quietness. The fan should not only continuously blow air but also keep the room it is in quiet. Most bladeless fans are more silent as the technology itself has noise reduction built in. The sole drawback is that these bladeless fans are more expensive than the regular ones. Dyson is the leading manufacturer of bladeless fans, but they are costly. If you prefer cheaper bladeless fans, go for Lasko. The Wind Curve Tower model makes for a superb fan for your dog. It has a timer so that it will give the dog a temporary wind flow and stop by itself even if you are away. It is quiet and will not wake up the dog when you turn it on. Users have three settings to choose from, from a gentle wind to a high-velocity blow.

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