Cats and Dogs in Houston: A Petโ€™s Dream City Great Things In and Around This Metropolis Area!

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If there were ever a city vying for the #1 best city for pets, they'd have a tough time beating out good old Houston. With annual events, pet-friendly hotels, and 20 different dog parks, Houston is definitely every pet's dream place to live.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, but is it better, particularly for people with cats and dogs in Houston? Well we took a look around, and there’s no doubt that Houston is an animal-loving place. Pets and their people can swim together, run the trails, and nosh on cupcakes al fresco (though it’s not necessarily advised to share the cupcake with your pet). Pets in the region can even boast about their own magazine, Houston Pet Talk.

Pet Services in Houston, TX

You can treat your cat or dog like royalty in this city—there are enough red-carpet services for cats and dogs alike.

Pet Specialty Services:

  • Resorts, fitness, and spas: In Houston, Zen Dogs gives you and your pup a chance to go to training boot camp to learn obedience basics and how to exercise together! No dogs allowed at Fat Cat Flats, the luxury boarding resort and grooming spa for cats. Pet Resort & Spa is your one-stop shop for dog boarding, cat boarding, pet grooming, dog daycare, and obedience training. Pet Paradise offers pet boarding for cats and dogs, pet day camp for cats and dogs, spa pet grooming, and dog obedience.

  • Holistic pet stores and boutiques: Natural Pawz is a Texan chain of stores (15 in the Houston area) that, inspired by the onwer’s pet’s allergies, serves wholesome foods aimed at minimizing painful problems for cats and dogs. For personalized collars, dog glasses (and doggles), bathrobes, costumes, and other unique accessories, check out Funny Fur.

  • Pet news and resources: Houston Pet Talk is a magazine, website, and network of blogs all about pets in the community, with resources on grooming, boarding cats and dogs, pet taxis, pet stores, and even pet jewelry and pet psychics! CBS Houston’s Top Spots for Family and Pets has guides on pet-friendly restaurants, pet-friendly hotels, the best dog-walking services, pet-photography reviews, and more. Dog-Friendly Houston reviews restaurants, hotels, and other city hangouts with you and your four-legged loved one in mind. Dogster has listings for dozens more pet stores in Houston.

Vet Services: Want to find a vet for your pet? There are a wide range of options available.

Pet Adoption:  The City of Houston has pet adoption listings for dogs and cats and pet adoption fairs. Houston SPCA has adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits, donkeys, horses, and other farm animals. Citizens for Animal Protection has cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, guinea pigs, mice, and hamsters for adoption.

Things to Do With Pets in Houston, TX

Pools, wine bars and pubs, cat clubs, dog clubs—you and your pet will feel welcome and loved in this city!

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