Are Dogs Attacking You? Your Personality Could be One of the Reasons

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Are Dogs Attacking You? Your Personality Could be One of the Reasons
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The love for dogs is universal. We all love these furry beasts so much. That’s why it’s especially heart breaking when one of them attacks us for no reason. The fact of the matter is, it might be your personality getting in the way! Many times, when we go up to dogs, we go all gooey and talk to them in a squeaky upbeat voice, in most cases, dogs don’t respond well to this because it tends to freak them out a little bit.Most owners train their dogs to be respectful to strangers showing nothing but love. But not all dogs are trained this way. So it’s important that you watch your tone and behave normally when you meet a new dog for the first time.

Here are a few other reasons behind why dogs attack you:To put distance between you and him.

Although a lot of dog bites seem unprovoked, there’s a good chance that there’s a reason behind it. One of the most obvious reasons are that he just wants to protect his turf and what’s his. A dog might bite you if you get too close to him or are in his personal space. Unlike humans who can communicate this discomfort through speech, dogs have to communicate it through actions.


Humans don’t speak dog and dogs don’t speak human. So misunderstandings are normal. These misunderstandings often lead to scenarios where people think they’re being friendly and dogs see the supposed ‘friendliness’ as threatening. So they react to protect themselves, leaving you with a nasty bite.

Lack of attention

Humans can be overly self-absorbent sometimes. We get so involved in our daily activities that we fail to notice a change in our dogs’ demeanor. This can often lead to unexpected bites from time to time. Everything from their eyes to the posture in which they hold their tail can tell you what mood your dog is in at any given time. We should just pay more attention.


A lot of dogs are uncomfortable when you stare right at them. They don’t like when strangers reach over to them or try to touch the top of their heads. Personal space is very important to them. They hate being cornered. Think about how they feel when they’re in the vet’s office or in your living room with a person who is a stranger to them. They are not really at ease.

Mood swings and uncertainty

Yes, even dogs can have mood swings from time to time. A lot of dogs don’t have a huge attention span so their minds can change pretty quickly. He could be okay with a ‘sitting visitor’ one moment and then view that same visitor as a threat when they stand. Train your dog to listen to you. If you’re overly concerned about his behavior towards guests, it’s best to keep some distance between them.

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