Dog With Bone Cancer Sees Ocean for First (And Last) Time

Dog With Bone Cancer Sees Ocean for First (And Last) Time

When Cassidy Williams was planning her romantic beach wedding on the Oregon coast, everything in her life seemed to be going perfectly. That is, until she discovered that her beloved family dog of five years, Dood, had been diagnosed with

terminal bone cancer


Photo courtesy of Natalya Jenney

โ€œHe was always a happy, sweet and healthy dog,โ€ said Williams.Having been with the Williams family since he was a puppy, Doodโ€™s diagnosis came as quite a shock to everyone. At only five years of age, everyone felt that Dood was still in

the prime of his life

.At the time of the diagnosis, nobody was sure how to reconcile the fact that Cassidyโ€™s wedding was bound to conflict with Doodโ€™s hospice care. โ€œWe scrambled to figure out what to do,โ€ Cassidy told reporters.

Photo courtesy of Natalya Jenney

Eventually a solution was reached - Williams father agreed to forego his flight and instead make the 13-hour driveย from Utah to Oregon with Dood in tow. This gave Cassidy the chance to have the wedding of her dreams without feeling the guilt of leaving her sickย dog to be looked after by a

dog sitter

some 900 miles away.What makes this story even sweeter is the fact that, up until this point, Dood had never so much as stepped foot on a beach - an experience almost universally adoredย by dogs. โ€œDood has always lived in a little bubble,โ€ said Cassidy regarding her pooches sheltered life.

Photo courtesy of Natalya Jenney

At first, Dood was a little hesitant around the ocean, not sure what to make of such a large expanse of water. Eventually he evened out and was playing in the surf like nobodyโ€™s business! โ€œHe was so happy, he had so much energy.โ€Also, Cassidy and her husband decided to have Dood in the wedding party as the ring bearer. While they may not be the first - nor the last - to have a dog as their ring bearer, on this specific occasion it seemed to resonate with a deeper sense of meaning.While the

death of their beloved Dood

has hit the Williams household harder than anyone could imagine, these final moments provide them with a lasting memory of exactly how special he was to them.

Photo courtesy of Natalya Jenney

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