8 Dogs That Donโ€™t Bark The Quietest Dogs To Have

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When it comes to barking and dogs, they tend to go hand in hand. However, there are some breeds that are known to have a much quieter personality compared so some of their counterparts. Here is a list of dogs that don't do much barking.

When dogs bark, the behavior isn’t always a bad thing and shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a nuisance. After all, barking can be a powerful tool for communication between pets and humans and signal a variety of important things about your pet’s health, emotional well-being, and sense of safety.

And, the good news is, with proper training and care, many dogs that bark because of a behavior problem—whether triggered by separation anxiety, boredom, territoriality, or another cause— can learn to curb this behavior.

However, it’s undeniable that for some families, living environments, and circumstances, the ideal dog breeds are those that generally don’t bark as often. While each dog is unique, here are some breeds that are known for having quieter dispositions:


Nicknamed the “Silent Hunter,” this breed is known for their lack of nuisance barking. Though quiet, Akitas can raise the volume as guard dogs. Just because they’re less noisy doesn’t mean they like to be submissive—as they usually consider themselves the leaders of their pack. Akitas tend to demand respect from their families.


This large and lovable sheepdog has been bred to be patient, quiet, and companionable. Not entirely pacifists, these dogs can be protective, stubborn, and aggressive when necessary.


The gentleman or gentlewoman of dog breeds, Dalmatians are quiet and know when barking serves a purpose. Training and socialization is recommended, but the good news is that when these steps are taken properly adult dogs will not be likely to bark.

French BulldogFrench Bulldog

Family-friendly dogs that rarely bark—what’s not to love? While they play nice with their people, these guys may not always play as nice with other dogs.

Japanese ChinJapanese Chin Dog

With this breed you’ll find dogs that are pleasant, quiet, child-friendly, and not prone to barking. Nervousness and aloofness are two traits Japanese Chin Dogs can have, but socialization can help.


These calm, gentle giants have been bred to have a docile, dignified temperament. The Mastiff Club of America describes its canines as being big enough to keep away unwanted company and peaceful enough to be a family-friendly breed. As with most puppies, regardless of breed, Mastiff pups may bark while playing, but this is something they grow out of. Adults seldom do, except when guarding, investigating, or as a greeting.

Scottish Deerhound

These dogs are not likely to bark, even if a stranger is at the door! Known for being quiet and dignified at home, they do get on the wild side outdoors when there is prey to hunt.


Though speedy runners outside, Whippets are very calm at home, content to sleep, and not known for barking or growling. Generally very good with kids, due to their hunter instincts, they usually need to be socialized to live and play nicely with other non-canine pets.

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