10 Things I Wish I Considered Before I Got My Dog What to Think About When Choosing Your Dog

10 Things I Wish I Considered Before I Got My Dog

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When it comes to choosing a new puppy, it can be hard to think past those cute cuddly looking faces when there are so many other factors that are vital when choosing the right dog for you. Here's what to consider before deciding on a new member of the family.

When we first lay eyes on that fuzzy pooch that’s destined to be ours, sometimes the pull of love is so strong that it drowns out reason. However, taking into account a few considerations is essential to making sure your dog will be the right fit for you.

To avoid facing issues down the road, ponder this list of factors that could influence your preferences before choosing your dog:

1. Shedding

When those tumbleweeds of dog fur come blowing through your living room, it’s natural to wish your dog was just a little less hairy. Click here for a list of breeds that don’t shed as much as other dogs.

2. Size of Breed

Your lifestyle is going to help determine what size dog you would prefer. Do you want a lap dog or a guard dog? Do you want a companion with endurance for your favorite hiking trails, or would you prefer a tiny pooch who only needs tiny walks? Here are some more factors to consider when choosing between a large or small dog.

3. Temperament

Whether you need a gentle and patient dog that’s happy to play all day with the kids, or you want a dog who can serve as a laid-back companion for a retiree, it’s important to consider what kind of personality you want in a dog.

4. Activity Needs

Perhaps you’d enjoy the company of a dog who considers every day to be a lazy Sunday and is happy to lay around the house, in which case, this list of household dogs is for you. If you want a small lap dog to keep you frequent and gentle company, then take a look at this list of breeds. For the active pet parent who wants a dog who can keep up, then whether you enjoy hiking, running, swimming, or playing in the snow, our guide to active dogs has you covered.

5. Barking

If you’re not in the market for a watch dog and would prefer a quiet pooch, then it’s entirely possible to find a small dog that isn’t yappy. On the other hand, if you don’t want to limit your breed choice by bark, then consider these anti-bark training techniques.

6. Ease of Training

Many new and veteran pet parents want a dog that follows direction well. Check out this list of the 7 easiest dogs to train. On the other hand, maybe you’re up for a challenge! In that case, consider the Borzoi; these companion dogs love children and other dogs, but their freethinking nature makes them a bit of a contest to train.

7. Intelligence

Some pet parents glow with smug pride that their dog is the smartest pooch at the dog park. If this might be you (don’t worry, we won’t tell), then sneak a peek at this list of the most intelligent dog breeds.

8. Expenses

As pet parents, we’re certainly aware that keeping our dogs happy and healthy isn’t free, but exactly how much can we expect to budget for having a canine companion? Find out how much a dog costs over their lifetime on average, and what can really increase the costs.

9. Lifestyle

Perhaps you dwell in a small city apartment and you want to make sure to find a dog that will thrive in an urban environment. Maybe you have little kids around and you need a dog who is patient. If you love to travel with a dog, you want to make sure you choose a breed known for their love of car rides and their ease around strangers.

10. House Rules

Are you okay having a dog sleep in bed with you, or would you rather your pet slept in their own bed? Do you want your dog to kiss you on the lips, or does this gross you out? Are you okay with a small dog standing on their hind legs and pawing visitors, or do you feel it’s important that all dogs, no matter their size, keep all four feet on the floor when saying hello? It helps to decide on these kinds of boundaries before you bring your beloved canine home. That way you won’t find yourself needing to break bad habits.

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