Meet the Gorgeous and Regal Borzoi Dog What Makes This Breed So Favorable

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Giant Breed Hip Dysplasia Borzoi

Is The Borzoi Good For You?

  • 1 Borzois are the perfect companion dogs and most often loves other breeds and children.
  • 2 This breed is known for their cat-like nature.
  • 3 Borzoi dogs are difficult to train and thought of as โ€œfree thinkers.


Arabia is cited to be the birthplace of the Borzoi breed, from where they were brought to Russia during the 17th century. The Borzoi take their name from the word "borzii,โ€" which is the Russian translation for "swift." In certain parts of Russia, the breed is recognized as Russian Wolfhound, as the dog was mainly bred for hunting wolves. These elegant longhaired dogs soon caught the attention of Russian nobles, and from the usual hunting partner, the breed took up the position of companion dogs. It was in 1889 that the Borzoi breed made their entry into America.

Quick Facts

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    Extra Large

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    10 years to 13 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    28 inches

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    Male Weight

    75 pounds up to about 110 pounds

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    Female Height

    26 inches high

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    Female Weight

    60 pounds up to 100 pounds

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    Litter Size

    1 - 11 puppies, 1 pup in a litter is common


The Borzoi breed is typically a charming dog, but not one that is easily influenced or trained. Generally thought of as โ€œfree thinkers,โ€ these dogs are better companions than competition dogs. They have a good reputation for being family dogs, as they play well with others, however they will not tolerate rough play. Being a sighthound, these dogs should not be left off the leash when outside, unless in an enclosed area, since they are liable to bolt after something they see..


The Borzoi is found in many colors. You will find them most often in white. Tan and gray are also common. Some will have dark colored markings on their coat and some dogs have mixed colors as well.

Health Concerns

A Borzoiโ€™s expected lifespan is 10-12 years; however strict diet and exercise can extend their life expectancy. This breed of dog has a higher risk of:


The dog is comparatively tall, with a long and narrow head. They have a strong jaw line, big black nose, well-built neck and eyes that are slightly angled towards the corners. They have a narrow chest and a lengthy tail. The breed is usually known for their long silky coat, which comes in a blend of white, golden, tan or gray, or in any of these single shades.

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