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Highly effective in treating CDS and pituitary conditions
Works by boosting dopamine levels in the brain
Finally there is hope for your dog with CDS

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 20 reviewers.

  • Amazing!
    My 14 year old Dachsund started showing signs of dementia two years ago so the the vet prescribed Anipryl. Within 30 days the signs all but subsided. He'e 14 now and still doing well. So happy with the results. Downside is, the .5 mg tabs go out of stock constantly and the .10 are impossible to cut precisely in half. Otherwise, it's been a very helpful medication. by on 04/07/2020
  • Improvement
    Our nearly 16 year old shih tau definitely had mental improvement after starting anipryl. Gave us our dog back :-) by on 04/20/2019
  • Works well if you can get it
    The product has made a big difference in my elderly dog's quality of life. The dementia is much less severe; he's not sleeping all day and wandering around the house in the middle of the night. Product - 4-5 stars Why the 3-star review? PetCareRX is an unreliable supplier. This is the 3rd time they have been out of stock when I order. Customer Service has no information about when the product will be available again. Since my dog needs the medication, I have been forced to find it elsewhere. by on 04/04/2019
  • Anipryl
    My English Springer Spaniel is almost 16 years old. She has been on Anipryl for 3 1/2 weeks and I have begun to notice that she seems more alert and less anxious. by on 03/11/2019
  • Sadly, dog got worse but not sure due to medicine
    My dog has CCD and has been on this for 3 weeks. She is a 16 year old Jack Russell. Either A) I was given a placebo or B)It has made her worse because sadly her condition is declining rapidly since the start of the pills. Or C) It hasn't started working yet? People say to give it a month so I bought more from another company just in case to see. She is getting lost constantly now, runs rapidly pacing through the house worse than before. And wakes up multiple times a night(now immune to melatonin and as usual pees everywhere in site constantly. by on 03/27/2017
  • works well- BE PATIENT
    i have some tips for users of this medicine that i haven't seen online yet. your dog may not be able to tolerate the full dose at first;my dog got extremely dizzy where he was unable to stand up and was circling non-stop. i cut his dose in half for an entire month, by the second month he was able to get the full dose and BAM-he started getting better. the first month he stayed the same but the purpose was to get his body used to the medicine. he is now looking us in the eye again, aware of our presence, napping in the day like he used to, stopped endlessly pacing, etc. etc. . he is a 17 year old chinese crested and it's good to have him back!!!! (still peeing on the floor, but we'll take it! ) by on 01/16/2015
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