Adequan Canine
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At a Glance
Repairs and strengthens torn cartilage
Effective in treating joint pain due to arthritis
Once injected, medicine starts to work within hours

Adequan Canine

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At a Glance
Repairs and strengthens torn cartilage
Effective in treating joint pain due to arthritis
Once injected, medicine starts to work within hours

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Arthritis is a common and incredibly frustrating disease for aging dogs. Adequan Canine is used to provide relief by controlling symptoms associated with degenerative or traumatic arthritis. This drug must be injected intramuscularly to ensure it reaches the critical parts of the joint. Once administered, it goes to work in about two hours, and for roughly three days, Adequan Canine will reduce inflammation and increasing the thickness of joint fluid.

Adequan Canine helps maintain cartilage density and ensure that joints are healthy. If your dog is suffering from joint pain due to arthritis, administering this medicine should result in signs of improvement within four weeks.
Manufactured by Elanco Animal Health
  • Arthritis & Pain Pharmacy
  • Elanco Animal Health Manufacturer
  • Senior Life Stage
  • Injection Application
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How Long Does It Take for Adequan to Work in Dogs?

Arthritis can be considered one of the most commonly occurring diseases that can be found in various aging dogs. This disease creates an extremely frustrating situation for the pets. To provide relief to your pet veterinarians generally recommend the usage of Adequan Canine. Adequan Canine is a drug that essentially works by controlling the symptoms associated with arthritis. The drug Adequan normally helps in controlling traumatic and degenerative arthritis that is present in older or aging dogs. The active ingredient of Adequan is Polysulfated glycosaminoglycan. The drug Polysulfated glycosaminoglycan is an injectable drug that is administered to pets by using intramuscular injections. After the administration of the injection, the medicine takes at least two hours to reach the social tissues. The assimilation of the medicine in the petโ€™s joints takes a minimum period of seventy-two hours. To observe any form of significant improvement in the pet, the pet owner needs to wait for at least three to four days. This medicine can work for a maximum duration of four to five weeks. Infecting Adequan in your pets can alleviate various symptoms that are caused due to arthritis present in your pets. These symptoms can include but are not limited to severe pain, lowered physical activity or movement, and lameness.

What Are the Side Effects of Adequan for Dogs?

Adequan Canine can be counted amongst one of the best pain reliever medicines for pets who are suffering from arthritis. It is a significant medicine that is highly recommended by various veterinary experts. In most instances, this reputable medicine does not show any adverse or side effects after the administration of the medicine. In very few rare cases abnormality can be found. These abnormalities or negative symptoms can be diarrhea, mild pain at the injection site, delayed blood clotting, and swelling of the area where the injection has been administered. Most of these symptoms can be easily avoided if the injection is especially administered by a licensed veterinarian.

How Often Can You Give a Dog Adequan?

Responsible pet owners should always remember it is not advisable to administer any medicine to their pets without the prior consent or permission of the petโ€™s veterinarian. The drug Adequan Canine has FDA approval, it cannot be bought or administered without a prescription that is provided by a veterinarian. It is recommended that the administration of any drug can only be done by following the directions provided in the prescription. The proper dosage can be done by injecting Adequan Canine through an intramuscular injection. The pets need to be injected with two milligrams of injectable medicine for every pound of their body weight. The application of the medicine has to be done twice a week for four weeks to get the best results. The treatment cannot exceed the recommended number of dosages that is a maximum of eight injections. While administering the medicine to the pet mixture of any solvent or substance with the medicine Adequan Canine is ill-advised.

Where Do You Inject Adequan in a Dog?

The process of injecting the medicine Adequan Canine to the pets is very simple and easy. Adequan can be injected either under the skin or can be directly injected into the petโ€™s muscles. The doses can vary diversely for different pets. The reason behind this can be due to the severity of their symptoms, body weight, body size, and body type. For this reason, the medication can vary between twice a week to once a month. The application of this drug is not very painful for the pets and pet owners can easily administer the drug personally at home by following a few simple instructions.

Is It Ok to Walk a Dog With Arthritis?

It is a scientifically proven fact that walking is great for dogs who are suffering from arthritis. The results are much better if the dogs do the same amount of exercise daily without failing a single time. This helps your pets build their muscles and better support their joints.

Does Adequan Help With Hip Dysplasia?

After a thorough observation, it is noticed that conservative therapies do not help in the treatment of arthritis in various pets caused due to hip dysplasia. These therapies are generally aimed at controlling numerous clinical symptoms in them. These symptoms can be reluctance in doing any forms of physical activities or exercises, laziness, joint pain, lameness, dizziness or drowsiness, and hip pain. Conservative treatment for pets can include the application of pain medicine, rehabilitation, decreasing the excessive weight of the pet, and administration of joint supplements. Administration of Adequan falls under such treatments.

Is Adequan Canine Safe for All Dog Breeds?

Adequan Canine is a medication that is FDA-approved for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs. However, Adequan Canine is generally considered safe for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Using Adequan Canine on Dogs?

Adequan Canine can be administered to canines of any age without risk, as there are no age limits on its use. Adequan Canine is often used in older dogs suffering from age-related joint pain and stiffness and younger dogs with developmental orthopedic illnesses or joint traumas.

Can Adequan Canine Be Used on Pregnant or Nursing Dogs?

While Adequan Canine is generally considered safe for dogs, the medication has not been specifically studied in pregnant or nursing dogs. Therefore, it is generally recommended that Adequan Canine be used with caution in these populations and only under the guidance of a veterinarian. If a pregnant or nursing dog requires treatment for osteoarthritis or another joint condition, other treatment options may be safer for use during pregnancy or lactation.

How Is Adequan Canine Administered to Dogs?

The recommended dose of Adequan Canine is 2 mg/lb body weight (.02 mL/lb or 1 mL per 50 lb), administered by intramuscular injection only. This dose is typically given twice weekly for up to four weeks, for a maximum of eight injections.

Can Adequan Canine Be Used to Treat Elbow Dysplasia in Dogs?

Yes, Adequan Canine can be used to treat elbow dysplasia in dogs. Elbow dysplasia is a complex and often progressive condition that can cause pain, lameness, and decreased range of motion in the affected joint. Adequan Canine is a medication that can help manage the pain and inflammation associated with elbow dysplasia and may help slow the progression of the condition. Adequan Canine targets the underlying inflammation and degradation of joint cartilage that can occur in conditions like elbow dysplasia.

Can Adequan Canine Be Used to Treat Spinal Injuries in Dogs?

Adequan Canine is not specifically indicated for treating spinal injuries in dogs. While the medication can manage pain and inflammation associated with certain musculoskeletal conditions, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia, its use for spinal injuries would be off-label.

Can Adequan Canine Be Used to Treat Soft Tissue Injuries in Dogs?

No, dogs with soft tissue injuries cannot be treated with Adequan Canine. It can be used to treat pain and swelling brought on by specific musculoskeletal problems. However, treating soft tissue injuries requires thorough assessment and supervision by a veterinarian.

Can Adequan Canine Be Used With Other Arthritis Medications in Dogs?

Yes, Adequan Canine can be combined with other arthritis medications in dogs. It is often used as part of a multimodal approach to managing arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions in dogs. Other medications commonly used to manage arthritis in dogs include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), corticosteroids, and disease-modifying osteoarthritis drugs (DMOADs). These medications work by different mechanisms and may have different side effects and risks, depending on the individual dog and its underlying health status. Your veterinarian can help determine the most appropriate combination of medications and therapies for your dog's specific condition, considering their health status, medical history, and other factors.

Can Adequan Canine Be Used in Conjunction With Physical Therapy for Dogs?

Yes, Adequan Canine can be used in conjunction with physical therapy for dogs. In fact, physical therapy and rehabilitation are often recommended as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for dogs with musculoskeletal conditions, including arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint or soft tissue injuries. Depending on your dog's specific requirements and health, several forms of physical treatment may be advised. These methods may include exercises, massage, hydrotherapy, and others.

Can Arthritis Be Prevented in Dogs?

Arthritis cannot be completely prevented in dogs, but several things can be done to help reduce the risk or delay the onset of the condition. These include maintaining a healthy body weight through diet and exercise, providing regular exercise appropriate for the dog's age and physical condition, adding joint supplements to their diet, taking steps to prevent injuries, and regular veterinary check-ups to identify and treat underlying conditions that can contribute to arthritis.

Each mL contains: 100 mg PSGAG, 0.9% v/v benzyl alcohol as a preservative and Water for Injection q.s. to 1 ML. Sodium hydroxide and/or hydrochloric acid added when necessary to adjust pH.

Side effects rarely occur following an intramuscular injection, but stop use and alert your veterinarian if you sense your dog is having an allergic reaction to the medicine (symptoms include facial swelling, intense scratching, bleeding from the nose, blood in stools and more).

Ask your veterinarian or consult with one of our pet care specialists at 1-800-844-1427.

This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for the professional advice of, or diagnosis or treatment by, your veterinarian. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or other qualified professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard or delay seeking professional advice due to what you may have read on our website. Our medications are FDA approved and/or EPA regulated when and as required by law.

Adequan Canine should be administered two times a week for four weeks. This medicine is injected intramuscularly to ensure it reaches the critical parts of the joint. It goes to work in the joint in about two hours and stays in the joint for about three days. You should see signs of improvement within four weeks.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Adequan Canine is manufactured by Elanco Animal Health
Option UPC/SKU
100 mg/mL 2 x 5mL Vials 310797975024

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