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Adequan Canine is a prescription medicine for dogs injected intramuscularly that is safe and effective in preventing cartilage in your dog's joints from wearing away. Easy to use, it helps keeps your pet's joints healthy.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 56 reviewers.

works for my dog
Has helped my senior pup regain mobility and move with less pain. So happy to have this option. by on 04/19/2024
Adequan changed our babies lives Labradors and American Bulldog
I wish we knew about this helpful medicine a long time ago. Very helpful medicine! Watch your fur babies thrive! by on 04/09/2024
Adequan injectable
The price was very reasonable by on 12/20/2023
Great product
Adequan injections has made life easier on my Shephard mix. by on 12/11/2023
Great Medicine!!
This medicine has made my Wilson,a Bischon, that had damage to his rotator cuff,now a Happy 14 year old puppy again!!! by on 11/27/2023
Works so well
Our senior Puggle Cody has had arthritis in his hips for a couple years. It was starting to really affect his mobility and quality of life until we added these injections to his treatment. Not gonna say he is a puppy again but more playful and energetic. Has resumed jumping up on the couch and playing. Highly recommend by on 06/12/2023
Very helpful
My dog tore both her back Acls and the vet recommended she takes these shots once a month to help her joints and keep arthritis at bay. It seems to be helping her she still zooms around as if nothing ever happened. by on 05/03/2023
Does help
My dog had torn both her acls and takes this to help her joints move well and slow down any arthritis. It seems to help her. by on 03/20/2023
Helps my dog with hip dysplasia!
I have a beagle with very severe hip dysplasia and Adequan helps with regenerating the tissue. This, along with some other protocols we follow has helped him tremendously. Since I get the willies having to give him the shot myself, I go to the vet to have it done once a month. That's the only issue for me. Otherwise, a very helpful product. by on 12/27/2022
Works great for dog arthritis
I have had two dogs on this medication for dog arthritis. It works great. by on 12/01/2022
Injections work great
Two torn ccl and the medication helped!! by on 10/20/2022
Great medication for arthritis
Works really well for dog arthritis. I have used it with two dogs with great success. by on 10/16/2022
Good stuff
My dog is doing much better since starting on adaquan by on 02/07/2022
Good product and great service
Product was quality, it was shipped on time, and gave me reminders to refill! by on 10/03/2021
Much less expensive same product
The pricing on this is a fraction of what a vet charges. I was going to have to pass on $85 a shot to try this medication for my old girl with arthritis. At the deal cost I got almost 7 shots out of the two pack for just a little more money! The only downside is not getting the needles with the medication. Will have to run to the drugstore to try and find them. by on 09/28/2021
Helps an old dog
Helps my old dog get around. by on 09/26/2021
Alaskan Malamute
Best thing in the world for hip displatia! He was 2 years old in great pain, I took him to a vet in Franklin, In. He recommended the Adequin instead of a $5000.00 dollar surgery until he gets older! He is 3 years old and you would not even know he has hip displatia!!!! Great product!!! by on 07/30/2021
Excellent for Restoring Mobility
After just a month, my dog Zeus is already walking so much better! He's a 10-year old German Shepherd and suffers from arthritis in his hips. He used to semi-drag his hind legs when he walked and now he doesn't. He's also in much better spirits. Highly recommend Adecuan by on 07/16/2021
Wonderful for our 14 y.o. Golden Retreiver
We tried many things for Aslan's arthritis and this product blows everything else out of the water. I'm sad we didn't try it before we did. He's been on it about two years and he really regained mobility and quality of life. by on 07/15/2021
Seems to help but still on the fence
An avid hiker, runner and walker, my 12 year old Dalmatian mix could easily go for hours tiring me out. I noticed him suddenly limping. Dose 2x weekly for 4 weeks per vet rec. Seemed to help for a month. His hips sometimes splaying and only goes for a few blocks on some days. The dr. now recommends bi-weekly shots. Will see if that helps. Doing the shots myself is much less than $65 the doc wanted to charge each time. Combine that with dasuquin chews, omega capsules, etc. to keep him healthy. Do wish the site sold individual needles at the quantity I need as I have to get those elsewhere. by on 07/10/2021
Great product
My dog has bilateral grade 5 luxating patellas. This medication has made a huge difference in his quality of life. by on 06/28/2021
Not for my dogs
I have two 11-year-old German Shepherd/Labrador mix dogs. They both went through the four week initial session of this, eight shots and I didnโ€™t see results in either dog. Both seemed to decline around the halfway mark, one dog couldnโ€™t even get up on the couch anymore. I completed the four weeks and then discontinued this for both of them. Hopefully it works for others but an expensive product and zero positive results for me. by on 06/05/2021
From not able to use its back legs to running like a 2 year old in 2 weeks!
My dog back legs were continuosly shaking, he was dragging them and needed help to stand up, after the 2nd shot he regained control of his legs and after the fifth one in 2 and a half weeks he was runing like a young husky, well he is a husky but is 12 years old. I wish there was something similar for 70 year old humans!!! by on 05/28/2021
We call it liquid gold but it's worth it!
This is truly a wonderful product that you will see results from! It's fairly expensive, but well worth the investment in your furry family member by on 01/31/2021
Adequan for dog arthritis
On recommendation from my Vet, this product has made a huge difference in my elderly dog's mobility from arthritis. It is easy to administer at home as it is subcutaneous. I give it under the "scruff" of the neck. by on 12/07/2020
It is a merical drug
Our husky use severe hip arthritis bilaterally. She had Adequan injection for two years. The treatment released her pain and kept her active. It worked very well fir us! by on 11/29/2020
moving better
Thanks, I'm taking longer walks and moving so much better now. It really helped my arthritis! by on 09/27/2020
same as I got from my vet and I didn't have to go out of my way to pick it up, it was shipped to my house by on 08/05/2020
Not a Miracle but still a very good product.
Adequan is touted as a miracle cure...well for me it is not! Adequan is still a very good product. It has helped my Mia greatly. She may not run around like a puppy, but she has some decent relief and can enjoy the remaining part of her life in relative comfort. Might I suggest a DIY approach. The shots are relatively easy to give and you will save a good sum of money. by on 02/15/2020
Works, but needs to come in smaller doses
My 55 lb dog takes 1/4 of a pill. Small dogs must just get a sniff.... by on 09/29/2019
Adequan Canine
Our Charlie has been getting his injections twice a week for 2 months and his limping in both front legs has ceased. No more anti-inflammatory meds. He has one more injection, so the real proof will be how he is a month from now. Stay tune for an update. by on 09/12/2019
I would defiantly recommend this product. I have seen some great changes in her since starting the treatments. by on 07/31/2018
highly recommend for athritis
My 10 year old 100lb lab was limping every day due to hip arthritis. My vet recommended this as an alternative to daily oral arthritis and pain medication. I bought the first box from him and the key issue is that it does not have to go in the muscle to be effective. You simply grab them by the scruff of the neck and inject in under the skin. Yes, you have to buy your own syringes with needles, but different dogs will most likely need a different size needle. I use a 3cc with a 21guage 1 1/2inch needle. I would use at least a 1 inch needle. It appears to cause him little or no discomfort, as opposed to an IM injection. As I recall, we started with twice a week for 3 weeks. We noticed a big improvement after 2 weeks. We then tried to space it out to the recommended once monthly, but noticed he was limping around 2-3 weeks. We settled on an every 2 week schedule, sometimes a little longer. He can walk a mile at the dog park every day with no limping. Sometimes he even runs a little bit, though we discourage it. I get 2 doses from each bottle or 4 per box, so I am buying a box every 2 months. Obviously your vet will advise you on the correct dose, but that gives you an idea of the cost. I was surprised how effective it is, especially since it is apparently a form of glucosamine. I was also surprised how quickly it worked. It is possible your dog may require less frequent dosing, but that is what works for us and the difference is remarkable. by on 04/25/2018
Less than half the price paid at the Vet!
The exact medicine that I purchased from the Vet at Less Than Half the Price. The injections of Adequan Canine let us skip surgery on her torn ACL. by on 04/13/2018
Great one shot per month alternative to daily pills
My Collie, Joey, has been on tramadol for hip and arthritis issues for a long time and his vet recommended this adequan shot as an alternative. He tolerates the shot very well (I give it to him at home subcutaneously) and it is much better that I only have to do it once a month rather than trying to get a daily pill he cant stand down his throat. He has been on adequan for almost a year now and I can tell a decided difference in how he runs and walks and his lab tests always come back normal, so I am not concerned with the long term effects of this medicine on his kidneys like some of the other arthritis treatment options that are out there. by on 03/19/2018
Great support for hip issues
Joey had been on Gabopentin and Tramodol for a very long time and they were starting to lost their effectiveness on his weak hip issues. Our vet recommended a change to Galliprant daily and a once a month shot of adequan. Joey gets around much better now and the shots are easy to give under the skin. He has been on these meds since mid summer and I haven't noticed any negative side effects so far. Very pleased. Also, I've cross-shopped this medicine about everywhere I can, and this site has by far the best prices on adequan and galliprant. I usually get my pet meds at Costco, but these are two they do not carry. by on 12/17/2017
Adequan Canine
We have a 7 1/2 year old, 82 pound Lab that torn his ACL Ligament. He has had 2 surgeries to correct the problem, but still won't put any weight on his left back leg. The last visit to the Vet, we were told that he had bone on bone movement and that he was in pain. The Vet gave us pain pills to treat the problem. I am one that does not want my dog on pain pills for the rest of his life. I found this product on line and had the Vet prescribe the medicine for our pup. I have given him 2 shots so far, a week apart. After the first shot we could see improvement by the next day. After the 2nd shot the following week, we again saw more improvement. He seems to be putting more weight on his leg when he walks. When he's laying on the floor he isn't in constant movement with his bad leg, he can relax and take a nap. We have not witnessed any side effects so far. He seems to do doing fine and I will continue with the shot program the Vet set for us. by on 07/12/2016
This medication is very effective in alleviating the arthritic pain. Easy to inject. by on 06/24/2016
Miracle drug?
Our 15 year old Westie has (among other things) malformed hips that have caused ruptured ligaments in both knees. Even with surgery the little guy was hopping around on three legs. At the suggestion of friends, we made an appointment with an equine vet, who have been prescribing Adequan to treat lame horses for years. Between regular chiropractic, cold laser and Adequan treatments, he's happily wobbling around on all four legs. Miracle drug? Pretty close I'd say. It also helps our 12 year old Silky Terrier with a touch of arthritis. by on 06/19/2016
Helps my 13 year old lab
There aren't many more alternatives to try to help my old lab get around. This appears to help. Don't like sticking him with a needle twice a week. But it seems to be worth it. by on 06/16/2016
Best yet, it seems to work
Our 8 year old doodle has arthritis and this appears to have helped a great deal. She loves to run on the beach and usually ends up limping but with the Adequan she can run without pain. by on 05/24/2016
My dog now never suffers from the pain of arthritis
Adequate has made a significant improvement in the treatment of arthritis in my dog. by on 05/09/2016
The adequan was an effective med for our German Shepherd. It gave her more play in her step. In the beginning it was miraculous. As her arthritis and lack of strength progressed, she would constantly fall as we lifted her bottom up just before the shot was do. We followed a 10-day frequency before, with tears flowing, we did what was best for her. by on 05/02/2016
Works but it will cost you
This helps our 11 year old german shepherd with hip issues. Weve increased his injections from once a week to twice a week as his hips worsen. The product works great, but for a dog that is hos size its quite expensive. Also we've had to get him needles to inject it from our pharmacy, which is a bit of a hassel. If you buy an injectable product it should include needles to inject it. by on 02/12/2016
What I needed
Works for my old dog!! She is not limping at all. This is injectable and I do it myself (I am a physician for humans) but you can go monthly to your vet if you can't inject. by on 01/12/2016
Adequan for my doggie. Works!
Hello, all,My doggie May, has serious hip displasia. Had it for years. Without Adequan Canine, she limps and won't jump up onto the couch. by on 01/08/2016
Great Product
Your service is very easy to use. You save me over $ 1200/yr. at least. This helps afford other care that is needed. My Newfi is my most important person in my life. Thank you. You guys really have the program and make our life better. by on 01/12/2015
Happy dog, Happy Mommy
Our 13.5 yr old Lhasa Apso's mobility has improved since starting on Adequan about 5 months ago. She has suffered from hip dysplasia for many years and had been taking Previcox. Her pain had gotten much worse and our Vet recommended Adequan, it has made Cuddles life much more enjoyable!! by on 11/03/2013
Works miracles for my 15 year old dog
My 15 year old dog was suffering from arthritis in her hips, sleeping all day and night, moving slowly and painfully, loss of bowel control. After the first injection we noticed an immediate improvement and after the second and third shots my Chica dog was back to much of her old self!!! She's up during the day, bowel control regained, actively involved in family life again. No more tears thinking I had to put her to sleep. I can't say enough good things about this medication. Thanks to PetCareRx for great service! by on 11/02/2013
Depend on it!
I have a mastiff that has had both ACL's repaired and is 12 years old! Amazing gal, but keeps on keeping on with the help of her bi-monthly Adequan injections. I have her on several other medications as well. I can always tell when it is time for the next injection as she begins to slow down. However, once I administer it within a day or so she is much better. I call her my million dollar dog!!! It does help to purchase from Pet Care RX on the cost! by on 10/06/2012
Dakota 11year old lab
Dakota had trouble getting up, stiffness, climb a step and rear legs would give out and he would fall. Started Putting on weight, would get excited and not b able to move. It was time to put him down, my vet recommended we try shots of Adequan, we would try anything. I learned how to give him the medicine shots at home,first shot Dakota was running, not kidding, playing ball and active, smiling,happy, best medicine for my dog. Almost two years on meds,he is doing great ... ... by on 05/29/2012
9 yr old lab- renewed energy and love of life
Oh My Gosh.... I was certain our 9 yr old lab was headed for hip surgery for sure. We've known she had hip dysplasia since she was a puppy and have made sure to add glucosamine and chondroitin & fish oil for years and years. We kept her trim and provided lots of opportunities for swim workouts. However, over the last 4-5 months, she had declined so much she could hardly walk a mile w/out major limping and terrible stiffness and pain. Our vet recommended Adequan instead and I've been so overjoyed to see the spring in her step again- after just a few doses. Thank goodness for this option! by on 01/17/2012
Adequan - a miracle!!!!
HIP HIP HOORAY - a miracle drug that is helping my 7 year old shih tzu have a normal life again..She is actually putting all four feet on the ground when she runs and plays with the other 2 playmates here. It was heart breaking to see her limp with Arthritis pain. My mother recommended Adequan. Always listen to your mother!! I spoke with my vet; and here we are....HAPPY. By the way she was having trouble with her right front foot. I certainly will recommend this to other dog parents.... by on 07/24/2011
This really helps my Pug feel better. I can tell the difference after he takes it. He is more playful. by on 03/07/2011
this is miraculous!!!
My dog was no longer able to get up on his own,but after taking this medication, acts like a puppy again! He is a little sore the first evening after getting the shot,but not sore enough to lay around doing nothing.I feel like this med saved my dogs life, and would strongly suggest any owner of an arthritic suffering animal consider the higher costs of this med. Its well worth trying to save your best pals life. by on 12/01/2009
As close to a miracle drug as I can find.
I have not purchased Adequan through PetCareRx yet but plan to soon. My 2 year old dog has gotten Adequan injections since his diagnosis of Arthritis 6 months ago. He is on no other meds. The difference has been INCREDIBLE. He is no longer slow to give up and I do not hear his joints cracking as I did before. You can still see the stiffness but it's impact on him seems much less significant. Talk to your vet about this! by on 11/19/2009