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If your dog is suffering from a low circulating thyroid hormone condition, otherwise known as hypothyroidism, then you need Thyro-Tabs (L-Thyroxine). You want your pet to feel good, and Thryo-Tabs can help!

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Good Price
My dog is on Thyroid tabs for the rest of his life! So knowing that I have a place to shop for them at a low price keeps me coming back every time he needs a refill. Thank you, Petcare RX by on 07/04/2024
Prescription refill
Petcare Rx filled my prescription quickly contacting my Vet. So easy. by on 04/23/2024
Much better value than purchasing from vet by on 12/30/2023
Great service
Seamless ordering process and great prices as always! by on 09/28/2023
Helping Amy
Love the price on this medication. It has made all the difference in the world for Amy. Itโ€™s nice to be able to afford medication when your dog needs it, and long term !! by on 05/24/2023
Thyro-Tabs (L-Thyroxine)
Great size & price by on 05/02/2023
Thyroid med refill
Great. Much easier to refill with calling in rather than via website by on 03/04/2023
Thyro tabs
Much better price than the vets office by on 02/06/2023
Great price! Received it quickly. Love how PetCareRX works with my vet to get everything taken care of! by on 02/02/2023
My dog is so blessed to have a company that cares about having the lowest prices and fastest shipping! I have been ordering from Pet Care Rx for a long time and my family is happy and recommend everyone! Thank you for giving us our animals best care! by on 01/30/2023
Thro Tabs
Very efficient by on 07/07/2022
Thyroid meds
Great value for a much needed medication by on 06/04/2022
They just what my vet prescribed
Thank you petcarerx! by on 05/27/2022
The size of pill is very efficient and helps for me to be able to hide my fur babies medicine well without her realizing it is there for her by on 05/11/2022
Best Prices
Saved me 3 times the amount the vet charged. by on 02/21/2022
Thyro tabs
Very happy with the great service we receive every time we order very fast and efficient. by on 12/31/2021
Life Changer
These meds have changed Thumper 's well being it's like we have a new dog:) by on 10/17/2021
Amazing change
My 8 1/2 year Doberman was suffering from a difficult to diagnose hypothyroidism . Since taking the thyroxineโ€”after only a few weeks, she lost over 10 lbs and her untreatable hair loss cleared up. The rapid improvement is unbelievable. Her skyrocketing liver enzymes also decreased. But essential to have the correct series of thyroid tests to accurately diagnose the need for thyroxin. by on 09/20/2021
Great price
Great price and it works perfect for my pup by on 07/29/2021
Love the service, prices and the caring staff. Meds arrive quickly for our little Chewey. Thank you by on 07/28/2021
Same product Good price
All good recommend by on 05/17/2021
Works Great
Using this for my stafford shire terrier. He was losing hair and getting patches so we had blood work done and found out he had low thyroid levels. This medicine has been great with growing his hair back and they aren't very big either easy to hide in food. by on 08/30/2020
Thyro tabs
very happy with the product and the service. by on 05/05/2020
Came in good time and just what I need for my dog. Thanks by on 04/13/2020
good price, excellent service
I love this pharmacy! Good customer service, reliable-shipping and excellent prices. by on 04/08/2020
Great Savings
Thyro tabs are effective, great price and easy to order. by on 03/09/2020
Just what Doctor ordered.
Best price and quality! Customer service great. by on 11/27/2019
Received quickly at a better $ than other suppliers
These are just as good as what I get from my vet, however, I save money by using PetCareRX. by on 11/26/2019
great deal and service
easy to use and fast.. by on 09/30/2019
geat pills
very good my dog is doing well again by on 06/01/2019
Happy This is Available
Same quality meds I receive from the vet at a reduced price. I wish the shipping was a little faster, but overall I definitely recommend this company to others. by on 05/26/2019
Fast shipping
PetCareRx provides fast shipping and email reminders for when my refills for Nala are due. I also take advantage of savings plan. Totally worth it. by on 05/17/2019
Fast shipping
Nala requires these each month. PetCareRx reminds me of when refill due. Fast shipping. Thank you. by on 04/22/2019
perfect for my ****** spaniel
works great by on 02/20/2019
This works great
My dog was so tired and listless but now that her Thyroid is regulated with these pills she is like a totally new dog. She has a ton of energy and her coat is soft and shiny. by on 01/02/2019
Much cheaper than the vet
While Thyro-Tabs are a very affordable medication, they are much less expensive at Petcare RX. Keeps my mature dog, acting much younger. by on 11/16/2018
Great price
Great price on a much needed product, easy for the dog to swallow. by on 10/11/2018
Renews activity level
Good stuff; same as human tyroxine by on 09/15/2018
My pet is feeling so much better now. Getting these was easy and fast. by on 09/07/2018
Thryo Tabs
Great pills. My dog loves them and has been on them for many years. by on 05/12/2018
What a turn-around!
Only after a few doses my dog started acting like her old self. She was getting her energy back. Her fur became soft again, her bald patches grew hair and she lost weight. She now tolerates my daughters dogs and plays with them. Before she would ignore them. Wish I had known earlier that her thyroid was low. So happy for this medication. by on 01/21/2018
Great price
I checked everywhere on the web, PetCareRx the best. by on 01/05/2018
Thyroxine Review
This is the best pricing you will find on Thyroxine anywhere. My Vet wanted to charge me over $20 for 14 tabs today and had a price guarantee with PetCare Rx. They would not honor the pricing I get on this site stating they pay $.14 per tab. I'm currently in the market for a new vet!!! by on 12/13/2017
Bottom Line.........................
Best customer service. Nadine called to tell me the number of pills I had ordered would go past their expiration date so we changed the order to fit the length of time needed. Nadine is FIRST CLASS!! by on 08/04/2012
As good as it gets!
I've been using PetCareRx for years and always get 100% great service, products and prices. rare in the 21st century, but so appreciated!! by on 08/30/2008
Great Price and even better service
The price for this item was .05 cents a pill and through our Vet is was .50 cents a pill. Now that is a big difference. The pills are delivered on time. We have never had a problem with PetCareRx. We will continue to use your service. Thank you by on 08/02/2008
Great service
I have always appreciated the quick and dependable service for my pet prescriptions. Thank you! by on 07/26/2008
The price is right
Our dog Jasper has been on this medication for a few years, and the effect is similar to what other reviews here say. What is nice for us is to finally be able to get the pills at about 60% of the cost we were paying our vet :-) by on 06/28/2008
Our young lab Lady has been on Thyro tabs for her thyroid condition the last 4 years and she has done really well on it. Her fur is shiny black whereas before it was dull. by on 06/02/2008
Excellent and care company
My dog is much better She was slow and gaining weight. All in all, I can tell she's feeling much better, Even know that she has Cancer now.She's a wonderful Aussie!!!! by on 05/17/2008
Three times the Value
My Lab has to take these tablets every 12 hours so the expense of this medication was beginning to add up. Thank goodness I found this site. I was able to order 300 tabs cheaper than my vet was charging for 100 tabs. Great service and it comes right to my door. Thanks so much!!!! by on 04/29/2008
Top Quality Drug, Top Quality Company
Just the ticket for our dog's health--the bloodwork he gets always comes back negative, so the meds keep him on track. He is about 13 now, so we are making sure we do all we can to keep him healthy. This company rocks as far as great service and good pricing. by on 04/19/2008
best price!
these thyro tabs are the best priced anywhere...i always get speedy shipping! by on 04/01/2008
Lucky the Dog
My 14 year old lab has been on this for nearly five years. We thought he was on his last legs, before we started this treatment. Once on the treatment his strength and ability to jump returned, and his patches of lost hair grew back in. I buy 120 - 1 mg pills from my vet for $30. by on 03/07/2008
My dog is much better and not as sluggish as he once was. All in all, I can tell he's feeling much better. by on 09/24/2007
Tigger's Back
With the spring flood of 1997 I got a temorary guest in the form of a 6 month old yellow Lab that jumped 5 feet straight up when excited. I since married her owner but when she ( the dog ) developed hypothyroidism the jumping stopped. With the hair loss and gain in weight her diagnosis was pretty easy to see and doctor to vet she got treated and is now at 8 years old doing 4 1/2 feet. Not bad . Thanks for the conveinent service. *This is a prescription item by on 03/23/2005
Excellent service. Pills come on time for my lab. *This is a prescription item by on 03/16/2005
Miracle Drug for Star
Since taking Thyroxine our canine friend "Star", a nine year old cocker-sheepdog mix, is like a puppy again. His once wirey, thin hair is coming in soft,fluffy, and thick. In addition, he has lots of energy and plays with his brother just like they were kids again. He's lost 17 pounds of unneeded fat. I can't say enough nice things about this drug... it certainly has changed Star's life!!! by on 01/14/2005