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There is something uniquely terrifying about not being able to get your breath. Like us, our pets can suffer from conditions that hinder breathing. Talk to your veterinarian about Terbutalin (Generic of Brethine & Bricanyl). It's a generic for Brethine which is prescribed for asthma, collapsing trachea, chronic allegric bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Terbutalin works by relaxing the airways which makes breathing easier. Terbutaline is the Generic Alternative to Breth... Read More



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Cheaper than my vet; a little less convenient

I was really excited at my original purchase - I did not realize the price quoted was per-PILL. The real PetCareRx price was still much better than what my vet charged (she apologized for her rates, but said "this stuff has gone up a LOT recently").PetCareRx called me to ask if I really wanted to order only one pill. They explained the pricing, and let me change the order to 40 pills, which was enough to allow free shipping.I dose my cat with 1/4 pill twice a day. My vet pre-cuts the pills - I'll have to do that myself with the PetCareRx set, but I have a decent pill-splitter already. by on 10/08/2013
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