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Selegiline is a medicine used to help manage some of those aliments that can occur as dogs get older. It's included in regiments to treat Parkinson's disease, senility, and Cushing's disease.

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My sweet Ziggy is almost 13yrs old and was recently diagnosed with doggy dementia. I noticed he was slow to respond when I called him, he would sit in strang places, stare at walls, and began to forget to eat and drink. I emailed my vet and he scheduled us an appointment immediately. After explaining the behavior changes, I was told Ziggy is in his beginning stages of doggy dementia. This was shocking to hear. My vet prescribed Selegiline. Some say they see results either immediately, weeks, and even months. Well I seen results immediately, like the next day. Ziggy was responding to me, he was eating and drinking. There are some areas that are still off.. For example, he will eat his food from his dish, but won't drink his water that is right next to his food. Now he drinks his water every where but there. In the front yard, bark yard and I have a water bowl in my bedroom next to his bed. This is a freaking miracle drug. So thankful it worked. by on 10/26/2021
My dog is back!
Within 24 hours of Jackโ€™s first dose of Selegiline, he was back from senility. No more stuck in corners, no back leg weakness, no fear of stairs, no circling. For him it is a wonder drug. by on 06/25/2021
Quick Easy and On Time
While I don't love that my pet needs medicine, using PetCareRx removes all the hassles in ensuring i have adequate supply for his medical needs. Been getting medicine for about a year now and it's been a great experience. by on 12/28/2020
Hoping for a Miracle
Reuben began taking selegeline, aka anapryl, on May 10 1918. Prior to this he had all of the symptoms, including getting stuck in corners, constant pacing, running/bumping into walls, furniture, etc., having 'accidents' in the house, etc. Noticed a remarkable improvement within two weeks of starting meds. He was ringing his 'bell' to go potty outside, much more energetic, etc. Now, almost two months later, he seems to have reverted to his prior behavior, perhaps even worse. Reuben is 14 years old and has been my constant companion all that time. He even goes to work with me and stays at my desk, as he is today. However, after much discussion with my counselor, friends and prayer, I have come to the conclusion that he is not the same dog. I seem to scare/startle him and sometimes he shakes when he sees me. He seems to be either fearful or anxious most all the time, except when he is sleeping, which is close to 22 hours a day. He has also been a diabetic for 4 and a half years and on insulin injections twice daily. I make his food at home (google Ruby Stewbie), which has improved his overall health and he loves it and his diabetes has been much easier to control. He has cataracts and sees very little and his hearing is almost gone (he can't hear me whistling ten feet away). He is basically non responsive and though he is very excited at mealtimes (he still loves to eat), that is about his only enjoyment. He is back to doing most of his potty chores in the house, and I keep diapers on him all of the time. I will not be ordering again and very, very sadly, will be saying my final good bye to my dear little Reuben tomorrow at 5pm. I would certainly recommend this to others as it did give us that all too brief time of some clarity for him. Maybe I should have started sooner, but I don't know. by on 06/28/2018
doing okay
Seems to help him to be oriented. Not completely but better. by on 03/23/2018
Miracle drug
This turned my dog almost back to his old self. It is a miracle drug. So thankful it has helped my 14 year old min pin. by on 07/06/2016
easy to adminstar
We notice some improvement, still hoping more to come with ordering second order by on 05/08/2016
Didn't seem to make a difference
Didn't seem to make a differencein the dogSelegiline is used to treat Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. It can also be used to treat symptoms associated with pituitary-dependent Cushings Disease in dogs. Selegiline comes in easy-to-administer oral tablets with five different strengths.Selegiline is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). Usage of selegiline is meant to result in enhanced catecholaminergic nerve function and increased dopamine levels helping dogs with cognitive dysfunction caused by aging. by on 04/27/2015
Works for my 12 year old Bichon Frise
My Belle has been taking this product for approximately 4 years now. It has definitely extended her life. I am very happy we found this for her. by on 01/21/2015
This product is only available for senior dogs
Half the price of my vet...but I was promised free shipping which I didn't get. by on 11/02/2014
Works well!
I use this for my aging dogs when they start to get a little disoriented or show the signs of mental slowing. The medication takes about a week to see the effect but it works great! If you have an older dog that forgets to go outside to urinate or can't remember where the dog door is or stands around looking lost at times, it may be a sign that they need some medication help. I have been using this medication since 2002 when my first old girl started to lose it after she lost her sight, it brought her back to her old self and helped her cope with her disability. by on 08/15/2014
Really improved quality of life for my old dog.
We used selegiline once for about 6 months when Hunter was 12 - he was having trouble adjusting after the loss of his best dog pal with anxiety and fear of going outdoors or even open spaces indoors. This worked beautifully and he weaned off fine. We started to give it to him again at age 16 for nighttime restlessness and anxiety and it has again worked beautifully for him, he sleeps through the night and has no problem with anxiety. Still seems to have some mild confusion. He will turn 17 in 2 weeks (!) and quality of life is still pretty good. It is quite expensive, but prices on PetCareRx make it doable. by on 05/21/2014
Selegiline Gave my Dog his Personality Back
My 13 year old Lab has dementia. This drug is a miracle. He acts like himself. Before Selegiline, he wasn't eating, forgot how to navigate stairs, barked at walls and furniture, and was generally confused. He's had zero bad side effects. by on 12/29/2013
Helping my 15 yr old Wire Fox Terrier
Started the drug on my vet' recommendation due to my little dog's declining canine cognitive dysfunction. She has been on it a month + now and it has helped. Much less whimpering, waking up in middle of night wandering around . We also started her on special diet. The 2 combined are helping. She is not like her younger self, but less anxious, less stressed and more oriented to time, place.I highly recommend you try this for your elderly dog with declining cognition. Depending on each dog's condition, the improvements vary for each dog.For us it has helped, and our dog seems better, but she is not cured of her CDS; others have reported dramatic results. Results are not the same for every dog. by on 07/18/2013
It seems to help
My girl (we think she's a Tibetan Terrier) is getting up in years and suffers from some chronic illnesses as well. We started selegiline a couple of months ago. At first I thought maybe, just maybe it was helping with her cognitive functions. Now I'm sure it is. She's not what she once was but at least she's not sleeping 24/7. She still gets herself into corners and stands there but I think it may be at least partly a vision issue. She's more responsive than she had been and seems to be enjoying her life, quiet as it is, more. by on 07/16/2013
This product helps my dog tremendously.
My dog is an 18 year old Jack RussellTerrier and she has canine cognitive dysfunction. Selegeline helps ease her "alzheimers" symptoms and improves her quality of life. I give her 10 mg capsules; I open the capsules and pour the powder right over her canned food. by on 07/03/2013
Nellie's second reprieve
Nellie is a purebred German Shorthaired Pointer, dumped in a Cook County Forest Preserve at the age of 8, who found her way to a shelter where my husband and I volunteer. Although we already had 3 dogs, we brought her home to foster and ended up adopting her because no suitable adopter wanted a senior dog with special needs. Nellie was a confused bundle of nerves when we brought her home, hence the name the shelter gave her - (Nervous) Nellie. Over the next year, her problems grew - she had frequent accidents in the house, drank so much water (and then urinated) that we had her blood and urine tested several times, and showed many other signs of canine cognitive disorder. We were so frustrated with her behavior that we considered euthanizing her if we couldn't find a "cure." After giving her (vet prescribed) thyroid medication (to no apparent good) for nearly a year, I did some research and learned about selegiline. I told our vet we were doing no more tests and I wanted this medication for Nellie. We saw signs of improvement within 10 days. She's calmer and more comfortable with us and the other dogs. She is less agitated, therefore pants less, therefore drinks less water, therefore urinates less. She's less confused and therefore more likely to let us know she needs to go out. Where we once had 5 accidents in a 3-day period (and 3 in one day), we've now had only one in the last 2 months. It's a miracle! She's not "perfect" but none of us is. We know the drug works because we ran out for a couple of days (when we miscalculated the amount of time it would take to get a refill) and she lost ground, getting back to the "new normal" once we got the pills again. I can't recommend this medication highly enough. It saved Nellie's life a second time. by on 09/28/2008
Quick and Efficient
Our order was placed on line one day, the vets' office was contacted the next and the meds were sent out the same day. Great Service. by on 08/23/2008
Very helpful!
My youngest chld er... my pet dog is in really great shape physically for her age but the mind was slipping a little! (Kind of funny/sad... she would go stand in a corner like a time out and not know how to back up to get out of the corner, constantly walking in circles...) We give her a pill in the morning and evening and she is doing so much better and sleeping well at night! The prices online were so much better than buying them from a vet here. by on 05/03/2008
My story is almost exactly the same as Samuel's including my dog's vets being unfamiliar with the disorder and the medication. I did the research and provided them with the information. My vets told me my dog had all sorts of problems and needed to be put to sleep. They were wrong! This medication has given me my old friend back! He is doing GREAT on this medication for the past 6 months! His symptoms and behaviors including: Confusion, whining, pacing, walking in circles, not responding to his name, agitation, disturbances in sleep/wake cycle, becoming "lost" in familar places in residence, staring at walls, etc etc etc have all either decreased drastically or ceased all together. He is doing GREAT on this medication which is the generic version of Anipryl! *Consistency* in giving your pet this medication is very important! Also some foods and medications should be avoided if your pet is on this medication. Takes about 2-6 weeks for max effect to occur. My dog was already 1000% percent improved in less than 3 days! Remember, your vet might not be familiar with this disorder or this medication! Do the research and show them! I can't tell you how close my dog came to being put to sleep simply because his vets were uninformed and in error. I have my old friend back, and we have more time together now thanks to this medication! by on 06/28/2007
This is the generic for ANIPRYL. It works great for my old dog Stanley!!! Great price also by on 02/07/2007
Back from the brink - A Canine Alzheimer's Disease Story
Be advised - most family veterinarians are not familiar with treating and diagnosing canine aging illnesses that affect a dog's cognitive functions. So, as owner- you sometines need to do the research for your vet...Originially tested on animals, Selegiline the generic for the drug Anipryl is an absolute miracle remedy for Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (the canine equivalent of Alzheimer's Disease).Our dog lucy has been taking the medication for over a year, it has literally brought her back from dementia.Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome has the following symptoms in dogs:A dog does not recognize it's own name when called; &A dog forgets to do things they are accustomed to like walking down stairs, jumping up on a familiar couch or bed; &A dog appears confused and agitated, staring at walls, whimpering at the inability to maneuver throw familiar terrain.*This is a prescription item by on 07/27/2005