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Using Viokase-V Powder for Dogs, Viokase Powder

Viokase-V(Pancrelipase)Powder for Dogs and Cats Treats Pancreatic Insufficiency Disorder

By Team PetCareRx. May 22, 2013

Viokase V Bottle

indications for Viokase-V Powder

Viokase Powder is essentially pancreatic enzymes, which assist in digestion in animals suffering from pancreatic insufficiency disorder. A pancreatic enzyme concentrate belonging to porcine origin, Viokase-V acts as a digestive aid in replacement therapy. The drug contains standardized amylase, protease and lipase activities as well as esterases, peptidases, nucleases and elastase. Pancreatic insufficiency disease, also known as 'exocrine pancreatic insufficiency' or 'maldigestion syndrome’, is primarily characterized by a reduction or absence of pancreatic enzymes in the dog. Because of this disorder, the proteins, starches, and fats present in their diet cannot be broken down and assimilated through the intestinal wall. The food particles remain in the gastrointestinal tract and pass out through the feces as undigested materials.


Stop using the medicine in animals that show symptoms of hypersensitivity or allergy to the drug. Do not administer the drug in animals are allergic to pork proteins.


Viokase-V is available in bottles of 4 ounce, 8 ounce and 12 ounce. Add Viokase-V powder to moistened dog food. Mix properly to create a close contact between the enzymes and food particles. Keep the mixture for incubation at room temperature for 15-20 minutes prior to feeding, for easier digestion. The recommended dose of pancreatic enzymes in dogs is 3/4-1 teaspoonful of the powder mixed with each meal. Frequent feeding (at least 3 times a day) is very important. For cats, the general dose is 1/4-3/4 teaspoonful (2.8 g/teaspoonful) with each meal. Adjust the dosage of the drug based on the severity of the pancreatic exocrine deficiency and weight of the animal.

Side Effects

Viokase-V causes only partial side effects. Serious side effects come only with high doses. The prominent side effects of Viokase-V include diarrhea, weight loss, and increased appetite.

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Viokase-V Powder at a glance

  • 1For dogs and cats
  • 2An enzyme replacement medication
  • 3An oral medication
  • 4Treats digestive and pancreatic disorders
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