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Deramaxx for Dogs: Arthritis Treatment Guide

Deramaxx, an Anti-inflammatory that is an Effective Arthritis Treatment for Dogs

By Team PetCareRx. May 22, 2013

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indications for Deramaxx

Deramaxx is an anti-inflammatory and effective pain relieving medication prescribed for veterinary use and is restricted to use in dogs alone. Being a drug of coxib class, Deramaxx forms an active remedy in treating pain and inflammation related to osteoarthritis, post-surgery pain and other such cases of chronic pain management. Deramaxx is non-steroidal, and possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic functions. This treatment of oral medication restricts the fusion of certain class of compounds, which eventually help control or suppress the pain and inflammation in the animal. The medication is available by prescription and comes in beef-flavor chewy tablets, which any dog would readily accept.


The medication has to be used only by prescription and should be administered only in dogs. If the animal has had allergic responses to the medication in the past, it is advised to refrain from its use. Also, do not use the medicine in animals that are suffering from dehydration, kidney complications, and heart or liver problems. The medicine has a tendency to interact with NSAIDS. Do not try the medicine in nursing or breeding animals as well as use it with caution in animals that are hypersensitive to sulfonamides. Moreover, the medicine is to be used only in animals that weight four pounds or more.


When prescribed for osteoarthritis related pain and inflammation use 0.45-0.91mg/lb once in a day or as required. In case of post-surgical orthopedic pain control stick to 1.4-1.8mg/lb daily once. In either case, make sure the duration does not exceed a week. The medication can be provided with or without food.

Side Effects

The medication can bring about side effects in certain animals that may include extreme bowel movements, vomiting, anorexia, blood tints in stools and discharge from the affected area. These complications might also occur in the event of an overdose of medication.

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Deramaxx at a glance

  • 1For dogs
  • 2A anti-inflammatory and pain reliever
  • 3An oral medication
  • 4Treats arthritis pain and inflammation
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