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Deramaxx is an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever for dogs that veterinarians prescribe for dogs suffering from canine osteoarthritis. Its beef flavor makes it easy to administer.

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Fast easy way cheaper
Highly recommend by on 06/20/2022
Customer Service
Great customer service. by on 05/11/2022
Very helpful!
Very helpful for our aging lab. Keeps her spry in her older years. by on 04/22/2020
Prompt Service
I can always trust that my dog's Deramaxx script will be filled and arrive on my doorstep in a timely manner. by on 03/09/2020
back spasms
Deramaxx contols my dog's back spasms very well by on 12/12/2019
Smooth Transaction
No complaints. I always receive my dogs meds/supplies right on time. Thank you. by on 10/16/2019
GREAT SERVICE AS ALWAYS! by on 06/11/2019
Pet Care Rx experience
Andrew followed up with me as soon as I first purchased some Deramax for our 15 year old Vizsla. Great customer service. I am now re-ordering. Thanks PetCareRx. by on 05/20/2019
7 years on Deramaxx and going strong
I adopted Maddie 8 years ago and she was a 3 yr old lab who had lived in at least 5 homes that we know of before she finally got to me. She was scared and timid and she took a long time to feel at home but she loved going on walks and so we did... a lot. We walked mostly around my neighborhood and because I have had several back surgeries they were never long walks but numerous. Then one day we walked to my parents home, a mile and half away and on the way back, she started lagging. It wasn't hot out so I knew it wasn't the heat. Then as we crossed a busy street, she stopped and would not go. I had no idea what was going on. I ended up picking her up and carrying her across the street. We took a break and finally.. very slowly made our way home, luckily it was just a few blocks away. I got her into the vet the next morning and they kept her most of the day. After testing and x-rays they told me she had hip dysplasia and that they couldn't do surgery because she also had really bad front knees so she'd never be able to heal correctly. So, for the past 7 years she's been taking deramaxx daily along with cosequin twice daily. She also takes tramadol for her break thru pain. She is not the most hyper active dog but she has a younger sister who is so her sister keeps her moving and we still take walks. At 11 years old she still runs and sometimes jumps a little. I am honestly amazed how well she gets on. We go to the dog park and I see younger dogs with hip dysplasia who can barely move and it breaks my heart. I have talked to a few of the owners and they never seem to realize how helpful these meds are to the dogs. I can say with 100% surety that the med combo we are on is what keeps her strong and moving. She has bad days but that is why on the good days we keep moving. She is not overweight and that is good as well. Also, recently, I've started spending more time in my basement and she comes down and is able to tackle the stairs pretty well. I've carried her up a couple time but she is the one making the decision to come down, which tells me she wants to do it. I hope if you dog is prescribed Deramaxx or anything else for pain, that you give it to your furry friend... they will thank you. It isn't cheap but it is worth it. by on 04/20/2019
This medication has made a huge difference in our dog. There is a noticeable difference in her when she is not on it. The pills are chewable and she takes them daily without a fuss. by on 07/31/2018
My lab was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia before she turned 1. She has been on Deramaxx since then and has absolutely no signs of pain or stiffness in her hips. She runs and swims circles around my other dog! by on 06/04/2018
So easy to administer to our dog. He loves the flavor and thinks it is a treat. He has no cartridge from his neck down to his back legs. Deramaxx enables him to get up each morning and keep going. We can see a big difference if we happen to miss a dosage. by on 04/20/2018
Works great for our old boy. Easy to administer. He loves the flavor. by on 02/21/2018
Expensive, but definitely makes a difference.
Price per dose is really high, especially if you don't get it online. However, it really did improve my dogs mobility and general disposition. by on 01/06/2018
Great Pain Reliever for Old Dogs
My 15 year old mixed breed has had hip problems for several years and Deramaxx 75mg, which we break in half per Vet's instructions, apparently relieves her of pain. by on 07/11/2016
Our dog loves this
After cancer diagnosis and leg removal surgery, was prescribed deramaxx daily. Our dog loves the taste and looks forward to her nightly treat.The price here is more than half of what our vet charges!! by on 07/06/2016
Works well but dog doesn't like it
It's chewable and allegedly beef flavored, but our dog hates the smell and taste. Since it works, we wrap it in cheese and she eats it. Bottom line - good stuff. by on 07/02/2016
pain control
This medicine does help with pain, doesn't seem to last long enough with no ability to redoes. It is way too expensive by on 07/02/2016
Deramax, great product!
Our 16 year old Siberia Husky was suffering from arthritis at 15 years old. She has had an active and happy life. She began tripping on her walks and barking before laying down . In November 2015 our vet prescribed demaraxx to help ease her pain. Overnight, she began bouncing around like a puppy. Neighbour's couldn't believe her age! Yukon lost her hearing and some eyesight. She is remarkable and most likely will see her 17th birthday ??, We believe deramaxx has contributed to Yukon 's prolonged life. We kept up her yearly vaccinations, feed her good Nutro brand dog food and a can of wild salmon each month. Yukon is a remarkable dog! by on 06/24/2016
Plus for old dogs
Excellent product to help with mobility for dogs experiencing arthritis symptoms. Chewable tablet. A variety of dosages available. by on 06/02/2016
have used this for a long time
when I expressed concern over processing time, they made every effort to accommodate me by on 05/05/2016
easy to use
I only need to use half a dose. The pill breaks in half easily. Leo takes it willingly. by on 04/15/2016
Great Price
When we adopted our dog he had an old untreated injury to his leg. Our vet put him on Deramaxx. It helped him but was very expensive and he will need it for the rest of his life. I was able to order it here at considerable savings. by on 09/16/2015
Helped relieve pain quickly
I have a very active dog that is now 9 years old. Over the last few months, he has struggled to get up after a nap and his gate was often uneven. Within a couple of days after taking this product, his gate has improved and he does not struggle as much when he gets up. I plan to increase the dose to see if the product helps more but it clearly was effective quickly. by on 08/04/2015
Great for arthritis!!!
Dreamaxx is very effective at controlling arthritis in my 13 year old mixed Shepard/lab Lexi. She weighs 50lbs but only needs 1/4 of a 75mg tablet daily. It's kinda pricey but worth it since she runs around like a pup. by on 05/17/2015
Very helpful
My senior dog did significantly better when taking derramax by on 04/20/2015
Deramaxx for Blossom
My 150# South African Boerboel with bilat torn CCLs is doing very well on this medication. I started it before her surgery - which was approximately 4 weeks ago - and plan to continue it through her 2nd surgery. She has had no GI upsets with this med although she has in the past had a very delicate gut. After about 4 days, she was able to walk without limping. Now, post surgery, she continues to progress on the surgically repaired leg and without difficulty on the torn CCL leg.I'm very pleased with the results this medication has provided for my baby Blossom. by on 02/11/2015
I thought we were at the end... Boy, was I wrong!
Our Rhodesian Ridgeback has had an active life and we've successfully kept her at an ideal weight since she was a pup, but that couldn't stop hip issues as she turned 12. She went from vibrant and playful, to bed-ridden, almost overnight. Our vet put her on DeraMaxx and within an hour of her first pill, she was up, out of bed, following me everywhere! She is a new dog and we cannot be more happy. She will spend the rest of her life on Deramaxx and I couldn't be more happy about it! I think it's wonderful what they can do to keep pups happy and at peace in their old age. Thank you Deramaxx!! by on 12/30/2014
It works!
My dog has had some weakness since she was a pup -- play too hard and comes home limping and trouble getting up the steps. When this happens we give her 1/2 a pill at night. No trouble getting it down with a bit of peanut butter. By morning she is good as new! And at less than 1/2 the price at the Vet, this is a good value too. by on 12/11/2014
Good to use along with pain meds.
I am using this as prescribed by my Vet. as anti-inflammatory to increase effectiveness of Cancer pain medication, Gabapentin.... Seems to really help.There has been a minor side effect, stomach upset caused vomiting, but when paired with Famotidine-anti-acid, this was completely resolved. It is expensive, but PetCareRx allows me to afford it. by on 11/25/2014
This product has been very helpful in allowing our dog to have more freedom in movement.
We have been using this product for the past 2 years. It is useful for greater mobility due to arthritis. It appears to decrease joint discomfort. by on 11/14/2014
This products works wonders
My dog has severe arthritis and was unable to get around. When we took our dog to the vet we honestly believed we had to put our dog down, but she recommended we try Deramaxx, and after his first dose he was like a whole new dog. My Buddy was walking and running like a puppy. I tell everyone it is a miracle pill for my doggie. by on 10/11/2014
It Works!!!
This product has rejuvenated my dog. She now dictates how far we will go during our "doggie walk" time because the pain is GONE. Prior to being prescribed Deramaxx, Molly did not want to go for "doggie walks" at all. She has a new spring in her step!!! by on 04/02/2014
Expensive Canine Anti-inflammatory
I have a big dog (110 lb), 9 1/2 yrs old, and 3 knee surgeries. The Deramaxx helps him get through each day. Problem is, it's very expensive. Our vet is like our doctor, going with the high-$$$ prescriptions. However, much cheaper at PetCareRx vs. the vet's office. by on 11/14/2013
Quick to take Effext
We were close to putting our retriever down due to severe arthritis, being none of the pain medications given would even help to ease the level of pain. As a last resort, we tried Deramaxx, and I'm glad we did! 1, it's a bit on the pricey side, but after being on it for only 1 hour, 1, 1 hour, he was jumping and running like a pup again. And even after being on it for only 2 months so far, there is no sign of him slowing down. He's on 50mg, so we divide the 100mg tablets, but as he's losing weight from 105 lbs to now 83 lbs, we can decrease the dose. Now he's a happy 6 year old and we're a happy a family again. by on 11/12/2013
Killed my black lab
My 8-year-old black lab took Deramaxx for 2 days before it killed her. A necropsy report concluded that she died due to gastric hemorrhage as a result of the Deramaxx. Novartis offered to pay us $300 which would help pay for the testing to show that it indeed killed her (our total bill was over $4,000). However, we would need to sign a waiver stating that we could never pursue anything against them. They could have offered us $4,000 and we'd still never sign such a waiver. There was nothing wrong with my lab Pippin. She went in on 4/26/12 (her 8th birthday) because she was limping, she was given a dose of deramaxx at the vet, and she started vomiting blood at 3:00 pm on 4/27/12. Despite multiple blood transfusions, etc. she died at 9:00 that night. She was our baby and we had only wanted to help her so that she wasn't in pain. She is not the "off chance" dog that has a bad reaction. Do a Google search for deramaxx kills and you'll find thousands of stories similar to mine. I'm so sorry Pippin. by on 07/09/2012
Comfort for our Collie
Winston is a 12 year old full size collie who is our fuzzy son. He started exhibiting arthritis pain last year (troubles getting up/stairs) and we now have him on the Deramaxx. He does well on it although I noticed he started vomiting a bit since he started taking it. He loves the flavor and when I give him 1/2 a pill he doesn't do as well as taking the whole thing. He weighs about 76 pounds so I think he needs the whole thing every day. It has definitely helped him and we want him to be comfortable in his senior years. by on 04/06/2011
I was so worried about my rottweiler age 10yrs. She had so much pain and swelling in her hind leg and couldn't get off her pillow w/o help. Though the swelling is much improved her mobility has greatly improved. She has been on Dermaxx for approx 2 months. I have been purchasing Deramaxx from my vet @ three -four times the amount of PetCareRx. by on 01/19/2011
Chasing squirrels again
My Amy, a black lab, was diagnosed with torn ACL's, first in the left rear, then in the right rear. I could not afford surgery, so I put her first on Rymadyl, which didn't help her. Then my vet suggested Deramaxx. It has made a world of difference in her. by on 05/20/2010
animal lover in sunnyvale
Iam so glad my little guy (yorkie) is not suffering anymore with his disk problem since he is taking this medication. The problem is that this medicine approximately 50% more at the doctors. The customer service is wonderful, courteous and much more and it is a pleasure to talk to someone who cares. Thank you by on 03/05/2010
A Life Saver... Literally!!!
I have 3 Labs, and Sam was only 3 years old when his arthritis got so bad he couldnt walk up stairs and I had to lift him in the back of my SUV. I started on the Deramaxx at the suggestion of my vet. Sam will be 11 in January and is still jumping in the truck and chasing the ball with limitless energy. He tackles stairs and every other activity a healthy puppy would.... and none of this would have been possible without Deramaxx. My vet said there could be kidney complications, but he has been tested twice a year for almost 8 years and has had zero negative effects. If you love your dog, please give it a try. I buy the 100 milligram tabs and quarter them, and that little dose has had tremendous results. It literally saved his life!!! by on 11/19/2009
I'm so Happy !!!
Ashley has been on Deramaxx since early this year. She could hardly get up from a lying position and the stairs were getting harder and harder on her.My vet put her on this medication and I saw an improvement in her in a very short time.She had swellig in the hips that you could actually see and that is now gone.Ashley is a 12 year old Dobie Shepard mix and I look forward to many more years with my girl. I love the service I get and the price is much cheaper then my vet. Thank You PetCareRx by on 08/16/2009
My twelve year old is a pup again!!!!!!!!
It is the second time we have used this product and the first time through you. The product is excellent and your pricing, service and free delivery sealed our purchase as well as future purchases. by on 08/31/2008
Our Libby Has More Time
I was very worried that our Golden Retriever, Libby, who is 11 1/2 year old was going to have to be put down. When I took her to the vet, he recommended Deramaxx and at this point I would try anything. Libby has been on this medicine for about 4 months now and it has made a huge difference. She can get up the stairs by herself now and I don't have to help her up off the floor either. She is still stiff, but it's a lot better. She has always had bad hips. But now she is more comfortable and we have some more time to spend with her. Thank you PetCareRx for selling Deramaxx at such a good price. I wouldn't have been able to afford it if I had to buy it from my vet. by on 08/23/2008
Happy Go Lucky!
I am satisfied with the results of Deramaxx on Sandy. She gets around better with Deramaxx with no side effects. I am very happy I chose PetCareRx. I think the prices are reasonable and orders are shipped very fast. by on 08/18/2008
excellent service
I contacted the customer service number to just followup on a purchase i was making and they made everything so easy for me i felt like i was in a store. thanks for helping me get my pain medication for my dog. by on 08/09/2008
A happy difference for Cody
Cody is our 13 yr. old Golden who is having an increasingly hard time getting up from a sitting or lying position because of his hips and rear legs. The medicine makes a big difference for his agility and is worth the extra price you have to pay to give your dog a better quality of life. by on 07/28/2008
Happy Old Girl!
My Chow/Golden mix is 12 years old now and starting to have her old age problems with standing and getting in the car. Since she's been on Deramaxx (only about 1 month) she's definitely showing improvement. I don't know if she'll ever get on the bed again but she's better with the car and can get on the couch! by on 07/21/2008
cheaper elsewhere
this is cheaper at other online stores like by on 07/18/2008
Great Prices, Fantastic Service
We are absolutely sold on using all prescriptive products from PetCare RX. The products are fresh and, arrive quickly after placing an order. PetCare RX works with our vet in a professional and courteous manner. They are top of the line in client services. Highly Recommended! Extremely reasonable prices. The Deramaxx is giving our dogs a quality life other meds could not as our dogs circle of life comes to a close. by on 07/04/2008
Expensive but a life saver
My lab is 140lbs, he tore both of his ACL's which also gave him bad arthritis. This pill makes his life easier, we have had surgery on one and are about to get the other one. Without this pill our Shadow would be suffering, expensive but amazing. by on 06/21/2008
It Works!
My dog can get up and down the stairs again now that she is taking this medicine. PetCareRx had the best price for this expensive medicine. I received my order in just a few days, received free shipping and $5 off and a $5 off coupon for my next order. I am very, very satisified with my purchase!! by on 06/21/2008
WHole new dog!
Our lab cross was hit by a car several years ago. For years we tried several meds to try and help w/ the arthritus as he aged. Prednizone (sp?) worked on pain, but not on quality of life. We took him to vet one last time, and saw a new vet that recommended this med! Thank you to that vet, he is playing w/ his sister and playing squeeky!!! After five years, one that works!!!! by on 06/10/2008
My dog has hip dysplasia. She has done much better since starting on Deramax with no complications. by on 06/09/2008
celebrax for dogs
Our golden retriever tried Metacam for his blown ACL and it didn't make any difference. Deramaxx made a difference and he can put weight on his foot after his Deramaxx. The Deramaxx was 50% cheaper on PetCareRx than his vet, easy to fax the prescription and received the rx within 4 days, also had a coupon for $10 off. I will continue to use PetCareRx for his Deramaxx. by on 06/07/2008
Good product
My dog starting using Deramaxx 6 months ago and I can definitely tell a difference. I switched her from another NSAID because of the side effects and Deramaxx has worked wonders. I not only recommend this product, but I recommend PetCareRx's home delivery. It is not only convenient, but their shipping is always fast. by on 05/24/2008
A Life Saver
Deramax is helping Baby with her arthritis pain. Received her refil within three days. Can't ask for quicker service than that. And the price is right! by on 05/03/2008
Deramaxx 100mg
This is a great product especially for an older dog. "Bear" is 11 and has arthiritic joints, especially his front leg where he was hit by a car years ago. He had been very lethargic lately and could not get up or wasn't interested in eating. After this was prescribed by my Vet, on a regular basis, he is now a new dog, and has energy to run. PetCareRx is the most efficient site that handles orders fast and has very polite customer service, making it a pleasure to buy from them. by on 05/03/2008
He's become a puppy again!
A wonderful medication which has made a major difference in our 45 lb English Setter's life. At the age of 13, Arthritis had taken complete hold of Champ. When he could no longer make it up or down the stairs without falling,and even walking out the front door had become painful, our vet prescribed Deramaxx. After just one dose, remarkably Champ was running around and jumping like he was 10 years younger1Since the difference was so apparent, giving it to Champ daily was our only option. But the cost of the pills purchased through our vet was outrageously expensive. I was so pleased to find .PetCareRx! After I placed my order, they promptly called my vet (prearranged) to get a prescription. I received my order in just a few days and was able to save $54 by not getting Deramaxx through our vet. Shipping was free and I was given an additional $10s off because I bought in bulk and got 80 tablets. This has been nothing but a positive experience. Honestly, you can't go wrong if you give your pet Deramaxx, but make sure you buy them from PetCareRx! by on 05/03/2008
pain free again!
this medication is a wonder drug for dogs in constant pain. our dog, an austrailan shephard, had knee replacement 2 yrs ago. while the surgery went well. she had a hard time jumping and running. Now she runs and jumps and can even get on our bed again. by on 04/26/2008
I have a 14 year old Pekenese with severe arthritis in both hips.. When in pain he would barely walk or eat. We tried several other meds but this one worked the best. This medication had made an incredible difference to his quality of life.. by on 04/12/2008
Product Review
I have a 14 year old Pekenese with severe arthritis in both hips.. When in pain he would barely walk or eat. We tried several other meds but this one worked the best. This medication had made an incredible difference to his quality of life.. by on 04/12/2008
My little pom
This product has made my little pom, Ruby, feel like a young dog again. She can once again jump up on her favorite piece of furniture. No more pain. by on 04/02/2008
Wonder Drug
My Akita/Collie mix King Tut is 15 years old, for the past 2+ years he has been fighting pain in his back legs daily so when we went to the vet to see if there was any other options that is when she recommended Deramaxx, it is expensive but honestly after 1 pill he was new dog. Not to say that he is not stiff but he still gets up eats, walks, rubs noses with his sister Morena. He now sleeps comfortably thru the night and seems happy so it has given us 18 months and counting to enjoy our King Tut. by on 10/23/2007
No pain = HAPPY
Sam is 11 years old and suffers from arthritis. Before this "wonder drug" he was listless and slept or watched us while laying down. After just 2 days he was like a puppy again, running and playing. by on 09/07/2007
Deramaxx 100mg
I have a 9 year old lab/boxer mix 98lbs. She has arthritis in her back, hips and back legs. She would be in such pain that she would walk in a U shape with all four paws together. After giving her Deramaxx when needed for pain she is a normal happy lab/boxer mix. Deramaxx has done her wonders. I am so glad I found this product. It was recommended by my veterinarian. by on 07/31/2007
Helped my dogs' arthritis so that he can move freely without pain again!! by on 07/23/2007
It Works!
My dog is 16 years old and is extremely uncomfortable without it. by on 07/11/2007
my golden has bone cancer
this product is helping his pain, with this med we can enjoy him a little longer. by on 06/25/2007
amazing results
My dog could hardly walk, bad limp, couldn't jump up on bed, would cry all the time, became lithargic and wouldn't let me pet her. After first pill immediate results. After second pill could jump on bed again. What a treat to see her wag her tail again and let me pet her. Doctor says she has arthritis. The beef flavored pill she thinks is a treat. We are using the 25 mg size. by on 06/10/2007
She can enjoy life again!
Deramaxx is more effective than the Rimadyl was. My dog could barely get up and it is amazing how only 5 days on Deramaxx has improved her life. by on 04/22/2007
Works well
We are lucky in that our dog does not have any problems taking this drug except for some recent "tummy" trouble. He has been on it for about 3 or 4 years and at this point is unable to walk without it. by on 03/19/2007
I have a 15 yr old miniature poodle who suffers from nerve damage affecting his ability to walk
Deramax makes our poodles life almost normal again. He can walk like he hasn't a problem and enjoy his life so much better by on 03/10/2007
Slip Sliding Away
My dog is more active but it does not control motor problems. Molly slips and falls on any surface that is even moderately slippery. by on 02/18/2007
better price
The product is for my dog with bone cancer. The days that he has deramaxx he is much more active. It gets expensive though even at these prices. Coupons are helpful.Thanks. by on 11/13/2006
Makes my 11-1/2 yrs. old Shepard act like 6 mos. old again! Do not give everyday, dog may hurt itself running around like crazy. We only need to give twice a week or so!!! Saves alot of money that way. Drug is HORRIFICALLY EXPENSIVE from the vets!*This is a prescription item. by on 02/01/2005
Our dog Kally
Our Huskie dog just turned 16 on 1/1 and she's been on Deramaxx for about 6 months now. She is like a puppy again since taking this. We tried all kinds of glucosamines for her and she would throw up from them. She's been doing terrific with Deramaxx! by on 01/14/2005
My dog is 9, we have been told she has arthritis in her knee. Two weeks ago she would not be able to put her foot down, now shes doing fine, after only two weeks on this rx!*This is a Prescription by on 01/12/2005