Glandex Anal Gland & Digestive Support for Dogs & Cats
Glandex Anal Gland & Digestive Support for Dogs & Cats
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Glandex Anal Gland & Digestive Support for Dogs & Cats

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Glandex® Anal Gland and Disgestive Support for Dogs & Cats promotes healthy anal gland function in both cats and dogs.  This fiber supplement has been specially formulated by veterinarians to reduce the inflammtion of anal glands, to provide digestive support, and to support healthy bowel movements. Furthermore, this formula has been proven to work within 3 to 5 weeks of use with no known side effects! Glandex Anal Gland and Disgestive Support for Dogs & Cats are made in the United States with natural ingredients that include probiotics and anti-inflammatory agents. This package comes with 2.5 ounces of palatable supplements- but there are also containers that come with 5.5 ounces and 4.0 ounces that are appropriate for cats and dogs of all sizes. This supplement is perfect for your caring for the anal glands of your cat or dog- so order today! Key Features: Promtoes healthy anal gland function inc ats and dogs of all sizes Proven results in 3-5 weeks with no proven side effects Comes in three sizes: 2.5 oz, 4.0 oz, 5.5 oz Veterinary Testimonials: A Big Help “I have been dispensing Glandex to my toy breed patients for about 6 months now. Most, if not all of these clients are reporting an improvement in their dog's anal gland condition. Now many dogs have Glandex to thank for their happiness!” -Dr. Louis Calabrese, D.V.M., Adirondack Veterinary Service, New York. Glandex Product Review “So far has worked in the reduction of the amount of time have to have patient return to have the anal glands expressed. My two dogs have been on it first and I have gone from doing the one year old Miniature Schnauzer every 3 weeks to every 7-8 weeks with only about 4 months of usage.” -Dr. Christine Martin, D.V.M., Critters and Pals Animal Clinic, Missouri. It Works “So far the feedback has been very positive. We are out about two months with the product and it seems to be helping the vast majority. There have been a few that it didn't help but overall I am very happy.” -Dr. Steve Pelton, D.V.M., Hearthstone Animal Clinic, Texas. Glandex Review “Since dispensing Glandex to our patients, we have seen good compliance and return for the product; especially with our patients with chronic anal gland issues. It has become easier and less uncomfortable for them to have their anals expressed, helped decrease the need to continuously express glands more than usual, and even decreased the frequency of infections!” -Kayla C., Veterinary Technician & Assistant Office Manager, American Veterinary Clinic, Wisconsin. Effective “Have tried with several patients and have had no complaints and only good reviews!” -Kellie Kite, Office Manager, Hickory Plaza Veterinary Clinic, Tennessee. Frequently Asked Questions How does Glandex work? Glandex is veterinary formulated to work from the inside out to help keep your pet's anal glands healthy. Formulated with a special blend of fiber, Glandex helps to increase the bulk and firmness of your pet's stools to naturally empty the anal glands every time they defecate. Glandex also contain natural anti-inflammatories that target the underlying inflammation and allergies that commonly cause anal gland problems. In addition, Glandex contains probiotics and digestive enzymes to support a healthy digestive tract which in turn supports healthy anal gland function. Is Glandex safe for my pet? Yes, Glandex is absolutely safe for your pet as it is veterinarian formulated and only contains the highest quality all-natural ingredients. Are there any side effects to using Glandex? No, there are no known side effects of using Glandex however you may notice that your pet's stools may become larger. How long until I see results in my pet? On average most pets show improvement within 3-5 weeks or less when using Glandex regularly. In general, the more severe your pet's anal gland problems are the longer it may take to see results. How long should I continue using Glandex once I begin to see results? If your pet is only having temporary problems with their anal glands then Glandex can be discontinued once their condition has improved, however it is recommended to continue using Glandex even after results have been achieved to maintain normal and healthy anal glands and to help prevent future problems. If your pet suffers from chronic (ongoing) anal gland problems than long term use of Glandex will be needed to help maintain healthy anal glands. How do I give Glandex to my pet? Glandex comes as a naturally flavored beef liver powder with a taste that your pet will love! Simply sprinkle and mix Glandex directly onto your pet's food using the dosing guidelines on the bottle. You can also add a small amount of warm water to Glandex to create a gravy that your pet can't resist! Overwhelmingly pets love the taste of Glandex and eat their food more readily with Glandex mixed into it then without. Should your pet be extremely particular you can add Glandex into some canned food, yogurt, peanut butter, cottage cheese or any other of your pet's favorite food or treats. Glandex can also be give via a syringe or dropper directly into your pet's mouth when mixed with a small amount of water. What is the main difference between the three size bottles of Glandex? All three sizes of Glandex contain the exact same ingredients, concentration, and dosing with the only difference being the amount in each bottle. Any size pet can use any size bottle of Glandex as they all contain the exact same ingredients, concentration, and dosing. The only difference is the quantity of Glandex in each bottle with the larger sizes containing more doses. Will I still need to have my pet's anal glands expressed? It is recommended (but not necessary) to have your pet's anal glands emptied prior to starting Glandex. Intermittent or regular anal gland emptying may still be needed depending upon the severity of your pet's condition, however Glandex can greatly reduce or completely eliminate the need for manual anal gland expressing. If you ever feel that your pet's anal glands need emptying please seek proper medical attention.
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Is Glandex Safe for Cats?

Glandex Anal Gland Support for Dogs & Cats Has a very high reputation among the veterinary community. This pet supplement is specifically formulated by a group of highly reputable experts in the veterinary industry. These experts may include veterinarians, nutritionists, and pet breeders. Glandex Anal Gland Support for Dogs & Cats is formulated for reduction of the inflammation on petโ€™s anal glands, support them In their digestive process, and helps the pets to maintain and support healthy bowel movements. This product is made using all the natural ingredients that are beneficial for your pets. The pet product Glandex Anal Gland Support for Dogs & Cats is specially formulated in the United States with ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and probiotic properties. This supplement is specially made for supporting both dogs and cats who have a recurring problem in their anal glands. By administering this fiber-filled supplement to your dogs or cats, most of these digestive problems in your pets can be easily solved. Before administering any Medicine or food supplement to your pets it is highly recommended that you should consult your petโ€™s veterinarian. This is especially done to make sure the pet owner does not give any negatively affecting product to their pets without proper knowledge about them.

Do Vets Recommend Glandex for Dogs?

Glandex Anal Gland Support for Dogs & Cats are very well-liked by various pets. This tasty treat generally comes in two different variants with two different flavors. These two variants are beef liver flavor powder and chew with Peanut butter flavor. As these supplements are specially formulated by veterinarians they are very effective among dogs. This dog formula works within three to five weeks of the administration.

How Do You Give Glandex to Your Cat?

It has been seen cats generally do not like to consume the food supplement Glandex Anal Gland Support for Dogs & Cats directly as it is very dry in its powdered form. To mitigate this problem the best solution is to directly sprinkle the beef liver flavored powder over your petโ€™s cat food. There are also few other methods that you can follow so that your pet consumes the supplement without any problem. You can also mix this natural formula with a bowl of warm water to create a gravy-like substance that your pet will very much love to consume. Most pets greatly love the taste and flavor of Glandex Anal Gland Support for Dogs & Cats beef liver flavored powder and consume their food with more relish when the pet supplement is mixed with it.

What Are the Side Effects of Glandex for Dogs?

Glandex Anal Gland Support for Dogs & Cats is a highly reputable food formula for pets that is especially recommended by various veterinary experts. This veterinarian formulated supplement generally does not have any adverse effects on various pets after consumption. In few rare cases, some cats have shown few mild symptoms after the initial consumption of the product Glandex Anal Gland Support for Dogs & Cats due to the presence of high fiber contents in them. These mild symptoms can include stomach upset, diarrhea, and softening of their stool.

Do Cats Express Glands When Happy?

Various types of animals show different kinds of expressions when they are happy. These expressions can be in the form of sound, touch, or through a specific form of body movement. Similarly, when a cat is found to be happy they often tend to run their heads against their favorite human being or a particular favorite object. By doing this the cats release a large quantity of pheromones from the glands present in their cheeks and forehead. This type of method is also used by cats to mark their territories.

How Long Should I Give My Dog Glandex?

To relieve Your cats from digestive system related issues and anal glands problems, it is recommended, that the pet owner has to follow the directions given by the petโ€™s veterinarian correctly. In the majority of cases, the veterinarian generally suggests the administration of Glandex Anal Gland Support for Dogs & Cats daily for a minimum period of three to five weeks to get better results. In more severe cases, your pet's anal gland problems may last for a longer period. To get an optimal result, you can administer the pet supplement Glandex Anal Gland Support for Dogs & Cats in regular amounts for two to three months. If you notice there is no change in the petโ€™s health even after the administration of the product for a longer period, you can immediately contact your petโ€™s veterinarian for further medication.

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5.5 oz 741459449766

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