Frontline Gold for Dogs
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At a Glance
Improved triple action formula
Kills adult fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae, chewing lice, mites, and ticks that may transmit Lyme disease
Safe for use on dogs and puppies 8 weeks or older between 5-22 pounds.
Kills flea eggs and larvae to stop existing infestations and prevent the establishment of new infestations.
Easy to apply and waterproof 24 hours after application.

Frontline Gold for Dogs

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At a Glance
Improved triple action formula
Kills adult fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae, chewing lice, mites, and ticks that may transmit Lyme disease
Safe for use on dogs and puppies 8 weeks or older between 5-22 pounds.
Kills flea eggs and larvae to stop existing infestations and prevent the establishment of new infestations.
Easy to apply and waterproof 24 hours after application.

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Ultimate Guide to Frontline Gold for Dogs

Meet the Dog Flea and Tick Preventative: Frontline Gold for Dogs!

Frontline Gold for Dogs is the veterinarian-recommended FDA-approved dog medication that guards your dog against adult fleas and ticks, flea larvae, and flea production. It is a monthly, topical solution that also prevents fatal Lyme disease. Frontline Gold for Dogs ensures that the pup is in the happiest and healthiest condition.

How does Frontline Gold for Dogs work?

Frontline Gold for Dogs is a medication with three active ingredients - Fipronil, (S)-methoprene, and Pyriproxyfen. Together, these active ingredients kill adult flea and ticks and prevent a healthy flea life cycle.

Fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide that eliminates adult fleas and ticks. This drug blocks the major neurotransmitter of the insect's cell chemistry that causes fatal contamination to the insect's nerves and muscles.

(S)-Methoprene is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) with an amber, fruity odor that attracts insects. Though it is considered an insecticide, (S)-Methoprene actually doesn't kill insects but interferes with the flea life cycle and prevents larvae from reaching adulthood or reproduction.

Pyriproxyfen is also an IGR that prevents proper flea hatching and the healthy growth of flea larvae. It prevents the development of the flea's exoskeleton within flea eggs so that they die within a few seconds after hatching.

How is Frontline Gold for Dogs administered?

Frontline Gold for Dogs is administered topically once-a-month and protects your dog for the next 30 days. Apply the Frontline Gold for Dogs solution directly onto the dog's skin (not the hair) by parting the hair between their shoulder blades. Wait for 24 hours to properly dry on the dog's skin before bathing, or swimming, in order to work for 30 days. Make sure that you purchase the correct box with the correct dosage depending on your dog's body weight. See the dosage chart below:

Weight Color Dosage (per applicator)
5 - 22 lbs. Orange 0.67 mL
23 - 44 lbs. Blue 1.34 mL
45 - 88 lbs. Purple 2.68 mL
89 - 132 lbs. Red 4.02 mL
What are the potential side effects of which you should be aware?

With Frontline Gold for Dogs, your dog may experience the usual topical solution reactions, such as skin irritation or other signs of discomfort. Also reported are gastrointestinal reactions, such as vomiting and diarrhea. Any side effects must be reported to your veterinarian.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the difference between Frontline Gold for Dogs and Frontline Gold for Cats?

    The only difference is that all cats, even with differing weights, use the same dosage of 1.5 mL per applicator. Besides this, the product is completely the same.

  2. What does the Frontline Gold for Dogs reviews say?

    Frontline Gold for Dogs reviews rate 4.6+ out of 5 stars. Most reviewers say that Frontline Gold for Dogs is an effective and easy-to-use product.

  3. Is Frontline for puppies?

    Frontline Gold for Dogs can be administered to puppies that are at least 8 weeks old and weighing 5 pounds.

  4. How often do you apply Frontline Gold?

    Frontline Gold for Dogs is applied once-a-month or every 30 days.

The most important thing that you should know about Frontline Gold for Dogs is its power to protect your dog from ticks and fleas. It is used as a Lyme Disease preventative and is treated throughout the flea life cycle.

Make your furry best friend a Frontline dog today!

DISCLAIMER: FDA law restricts Frontline Gold for Dogs only on order or prescription of a licensed veterinarian for the best pet health care advice. Ask your veterinarian or consult with one of our pet care specialists at 1-800-844-1427. This informative article is not meant to substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, and professional advice from your veterinarian or other qualified professionals regarding a medical condition. Ask your veterinarian whether Frontline Gold for Dogs is suitable for your dog. Ask your licensed veterinarian to prescribe an exact dosage and other specifications prescribed for your dog.

  • Boehringer-Ingelheim Brand
  • Flea & Tick Pharmacy
  • Boehringer-Ingelheim Manufacturer
  • Spot On/Topical Application
  • Dog Pet Type

What's the Difference Between Frontline Plus and Frontline Gold?

Despite coming from the same manufacturer, Frontline, the Plus, and the Gold have some notable differences. Firstly, there is a difference in the sizes of the applicator tubes. The Plus provides long tubes containing the medication. Gold, on the other hand, provides much shorter tubes. That makes the Gold applicator easier to use. Secondly, Fipronil and (S)-Methoprene are two chemicals used as active ingredients in both Frontline Gold as well as Plus. However, Gold has another key ingredient – Pyriproxyfen. While the two common chemicals can kill adult fleas, the Pyriproxyfen targets flea eggs and larvae. So while Frontline Plus is effective against Fleas, the Gold can deal with the eggs and larvae as well.

Is Frontline Gold Safe for Dogs?

Yes, Frontline Gold is safe for dogs. There are three key ingredients in Frontline Gold, one of which is fipronil. This chemical component of Frontline Gold targets adult fleas. Fipronil is a toxic material, which is why it may seem concerning to many that it is being used in this dog medication. However, rest assured that Frontline Gold is safe. The toxicity is maintained at a safe level. This will not lead to any harm on dogs with healthy skin. However, you have to be careful while using Frontline Gold on dogs with unhealthy, sensitive, or damaged skin. In these cases, the toxicity might lead to health problems. It will be best to consult your vet before applying Frontline Gold on these dogs. Also, maintain all precautions while applying. Use it on dogs that are at least 8 weeks or older.

How Quickly Does Frontline Gold Work?

Frontline Gold starts work instantaneously. After just 30 minutes of application, it starts killing fleas on your dog. Within 12 hours, Frontline Gold will have killed all the adult fleas. And within 48 hours of application, it will have killed all the ticks and lice. This medication is very effective and deadly against fleas, ticks, as well as lice.

Does Frontline Gold Require A Prescription?

Yes, Frontline Gold requires a prescription. Some websites may claim that you can buy Frontline Gold without any prescription. However, that is false. This medication can only be purchased after it is recommended by a licensed professional. The guideline is provided by the FDA and is to be followed accordingly.

Does Frontline Have Side Effects On Dogs?

Yes, like most dog or pet medication, Frontline has side effects too. Some of the common side effects that using Frontline can have include skin irritation, reddening of the skin, continuous scratching, diarrhea, and vomiting. Consult your veterinarian if you notice these or any other side effects.

Why Does My Dog Still Have Fleas After Frontline?

Dogs and puppies might still have fleas and ticks after Frontline treatment probably because they caught them from someplace else. While Frontline Gold helps kill adult fleas, and can effectively get rid of flea eggs and larvae, it cannot keep them away from your pet forever. Flea infestations can always return. Your dog may still have fleas or ticks even after receiving medication because they caught them from other dogs or animals, or perhaps from another flea infestation inside the house. To effectively deal with fleas, it is best to check for infestations twice every week. Shampoo baths are a must for your dog. Regular and thorough washing can help control the flea situation to a great extent.

Do Fleas Jump Off After Treatment?

Fleas are killed within 12 hours of Frontline Gold treatment. Frontline Gold is very effective when it comes to killing fleas. The medication starts taking effect just 30 minutes after you apply it. It can kill almost all adult fleas within 12 hours of application. 48 hours after application, it will have killed all the ticks and lice as well.

Do Fleas Fall Off After Frontline?

Fleas die after you apply Frontline. Thanks to its active ingredients, Frontline Gold manages to kill all adult fleas within 12 hours of application.

How Often Can You Apply Frontline Gold?

You can apply Frontline Gold once every month. To apply the Frontline Gold, you must part the dog’s hair between its shoulder blades. Then, you simply place the applicator’s tip on the exposed skin and release the contents of the small tube on the exposed skin. Apply similarly along the dog’s back, and the base of the tail. Applying on the hair of the dog will do no good. So you must expose the skin by parting the hair sideways.

How Does FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs Work? 

FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs contains fipronil, which kills adult fleas and all biting stages of ticks, and the insect growth regulators (S)-methoprene and pyriproxyfen, which kills flea eggs and larvae to help prevent future re-infestations. After FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs is applied, fipronil collects in the oils of the skin and hair follicles and continues to be released from hair follicles onto the skin and coat, resulting in activity against fleas, ticks and chewing lice. 

Why do I still see fleas on my pet after applying FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs? 

There are two main reasons: Fleas can jump onto your dog at any time, and these are not killed instantly. FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs kills these newly emerged fleas before they can lay eggs. FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs kills fleas by overstimulating the flea nervous system, and hyperexcited fleas may move to the top of the haircoat before they die. So, seeing fleas on top of the haircoat after applying FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs can be an indication that the product is working. 

Should I apply FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs to ALL the dogs and FRONTLINE® Gold for Cats to ALL the cats in my household, even if they are indoor-only? 

Absolutely. If you don’t treat every dog and cat, the untreated pets can continue to harbor fleas that will lay eggs, preventing the infestation from being cleared. Even if the dog or cat never goes outdoors, people may bring fleas into the home. 

How often should I apply FRONTLINE® Gold brand products to my pets? 

For continuous protection, apply an appropriate FRONTLINE® Gold brand product every 30 days as directed. Consistency is key. 

Can I bathe my pet while using FRONTLINE® Gold? 

Yes. FRONTLINE® Gold brand products remain effective after bathing or exposure to water. You may bathe your pet 48 hours after application. ONLY use a shampoo formulated for your pet and recommended by your veterinarian. 

Where do these new fleas come from? 

Numerous hosts (including feral cats, opossums, raccoons, and other wildlife species) leave behind flea eggs wherever they go, including your yard. These outdoor flea infestations are often the primary source of the fleas that your pets pick up. Outdoors, developing flea stages can be found in areas protected from sunlight, so some of their favorite places include: Sheds, Garages, Under porches or decks. 

How long will a flea infestation in the home last? 

Flea eggs, larvae, and pupae in the environment continue to develop and emerge as new fleas (even after your pet has been treated with a flea control product). It can take weeks to months for an established infestation to be controlled. 

What else can I do to reduce the flea population in my home? 

Regular use of an appropriate FRONTLINE® Gold brand product on your dog may reduce flea infestations in the home. For best results, use FRONTLINE® Gold brand products as part of a comprehensive flea treatment plan, which includes coordinated treatment of the home, yard and pet. Vacuum floors, carpets and furniture – especially in areas where an infested pet has spent a lot of time, because that is often where many flea eggs will be found. Wash pet bedding and other fabrics in hot water. 

How does FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs work?

FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs spreads from the stripe-on application, rapidly covering the entire dog and localizing in the hair, on the surface of the skin and in the sebaceous glands. These glands act as a reservoir, continuously replenishing FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs onto the skin and hair coat, so it keeps working even if the dog gets wet.

How often do I need to use FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs?

FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs should be applied once per month to protect against fleas and ticks. Year-round application is essential for pets in many parts of the country.

Do I need to use other flea & tick treatments while using FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs?

No, FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs is an effective treatment against fleas and ticks that works for a full month. If applied correctly and on a regular monthly basis, you do not need to use any other treatments while using FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs.

Why might I see fleas on my dog after treatment?

You are likely seeing new fleas on your pet, which are jumping on your pet as it moves through infested areas in and around your home. Depending on the severity of the existing infestation, you may continue to see new fleas jumping on your pet for three months or more.

Why is it important to use the correct pack size for my dog’s weight?

Using the correct pack size ensures your dog receives the optimum dose for which the product has been shown to be effective.

Can my dog get wet right after applying FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs?

Your dog needs to be dry at the time FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs is applied and remain dry 48 hours after application.

Where can I find the expiration date for FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs and how long will it last once I’ve bought it?

FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs has no expiration date.

I suspect that the FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs I got might be a counterfeit, what should I do?

Anyone concerned about the efficacy or authenticity of FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs product they have purchased is encouraged to contact our Veterinary Technical Solutions Team at 1-888-637-4251. The integrity of our products and the health of your pet are Boehringer Ingelheim’s top priority

What should I do before I treat my dog?

Read entire label and enclosed directions before each use.

Can my cat be around my dog after application?

Keep cats away from treated dogs for 24 hours or until product has dried. If applied to a cat or ingested by a cat, contact your veterinarian immediately.

I did not see the answer to my questions. Where can I find the additional information?

If you have any additional questions about FRONTLINE® Gold for Dogs, feel free to reach out to the Veterinary Technical Solutions Team at 1-888-637-4251.

FRONTLINE Gold packs 3 powerful weapons: pyriproxyfen and S-methoprene, which kills reinfesting flea larvae and eggs before they have a chance to develop into adults, and fipronil, which eradicates adult ticks and fleas. After FRONTLINE Gold is applied, fipronil deposits itself into the oil glands of your pet's skin. It works for an entire month as it releases from the follicles of the hair and onto the pet's coat and skin.

Monitor your dog after application. Side effects may include signs of skin irritation such as redness, scratching, or other signs of discomfort. Gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting or diarrhea have also been reported. If these or other side effects occur, consult your veterinarian or call 1-800-660-1842

Dogs/Puppies over 8 weeks of age, weighing 5 - 22 pounds

To apply, simply follow these instructions and repeat every 30 days: Remove one FRONTLINE Gold applicator tube from the package and hold in an upright position pointed away from your face. Twist dispensing tip clockwise about 1/2 turn while pushing down to break the tube's seal. Do not remove the dispensing tip. Position the dispending tip on the dog's back between the shoulder blades. Use the dispensing tip of the tube to part the dog's hair so that the product will be applied at skin level. Begin squeezing out the contents of the tube to form a stripe as you move from the shoulder blades along the dog's back to the base of the tail. Repeat every month.

Keep this product in its tightly closed original container, when not in use. Store in a cool, dry [preferably locked] area that is inaccessible to children and animals.

Frontline is manufactured by Boehringer-Ingelheim
Option UPC/SKU
5-22 lbs, 3 Month Supply 350604052890
23-44 lbs., 3 Month Supply 350604052883
45-88 lbs., 3 Month Supply 350604052876
5-22 lbs, 6 Month Supply 350604052845
23-44 lbs., 6 Month Supply 350604052838
45-88 lbs., 6 Month Supply 350604052821
89-132 lbs., 6 Month Supply 350604052814

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Front line

I've used it before and I feel it works best

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Works very well

My two dogs just had the worst luck with fleas and ticks. Constantly had to check their fur. Since putting them on frontline my worries have gone down and so have their encounter with the pests. Works very well!

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