Cosequin for Cats Sprinkle Capsules
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Eases pain and improves overall joint health
Comes in capsules that can be swallowed whole or added to the cat's food
Formulated and flavored naturally with chicken and tuna specifically for cats

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 41 reviewers.

  • Cats had bad reaction
    I hear this product works great, but both of my kitties got sick after taking this sprinkle in their food. I spoke to vet and some cats, very few, have that reaction. Just watch your pet to make sure. by on 04/30/2020
  • Cosequin
    I can add this straight to the dry food or mix it with wet and my cat seems to like it either way so the taste must not be bad. I 've almost used an entire bottle and she does seem to have improved a bit with jumping and walking. by on 07/11/2018
  • This product is effective for older cats.
    We have used this product for several years on our older adult cats. It keeps them active. by on 03/31/2016
  • Very Effective and Simple to Use.
    Being an Older Cat, our little Rocky, had trouble moving comfortably sometimes, and this Product helps tremendously. We sprinkle the contents in with his food and he never knows that he is taking it, however, we've noticed a big difference in the was he gets around. He has even jumped up on the counter tops a few times and it made my heart feel good seeing him so much happier and more. Never want to run out! by on 08/06/2015
  • My Cats Love It
    This product comes in capsules so I just empty the powder into my cats food. I have bought this for them in the past and they liked it but not as much as now. It's like a little treat for them.I have a 15 yr old kitty and one that will be 11 in a few months. I mostly give this to them as a precaution. I figure if my joints ache then theirs must too. by on 02/01/2015
  • Recommended by vets
    This product is recommended by my vet for my two elderly cats. They have never objected to it sprinkled over their breakfast--it's simple to use and helps the girls feel more flexible and they don't hesitate to jump up onto the bed or their 'window seat'. Since it's a brand name, I also shop by finding the best deal and pluses like free shipping, etc. PetCareRx gave me the best deal this time. by on 12/29/2014
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