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Cosequin for Cats is a nutritional supplement designed to promote and maintain healthy joints. It eases pain, reduces inflammation, and thus enables the older cat to get around more easily and comfortably.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 43 reviewers.

Nutramax is best Mfgr
We've been using Cosequin for 9 years to strengthen my cat's bladder lining in case of a repeat of crystals, which can irritate the lining. In the past, we bought once,from another mfgr. Upon opening the bottle, an offensive odor was very noticeable. Now we only purchase from Nutramax. Cosequin has played a part in keeping my cat's urinary issue in the past. Now that he's a senior, I believe it could be helping to keep his joints healthy,too. by on 12/27/2023
I absolutely love this product! My senior cat has pretty severe arthritis. It got to the point where she would not get on the bed or couch with me. Since I started giving her this Cosequin, she not only jumps up again, she even plays a little. 100% recommend for senior kitties with arthritis! by on 03/29/2022
Cats had bad reaction
I hear this product works great, but both of my kitties got sick after taking this sprinkle in their food. I spoke to vet and some cats, very few, have that reaction. Just watch your pet to make sure. by on 04/30/2020
I can add this straight to the dry food or mix it with wet and my cat seems to like it either way so the taste must not be bad. I 've almost used an entire bottle and she does seem to have improved a bit with jumping and walking. by on 07/11/2018
This product is effective for older cats.
We have used this product for several years on our older adult cats. It keeps them active. by on 03/31/2016
Very Effective and Simple to Use.
Being an Older Cat, our little Rocky, had trouble moving comfortably sometimes, and this Product helps tremendously. We sprinkle the contents in with his food and he never knows that he is taking it, however, we've noticed a big difference in the was he gets around. He has even jumped up on the counter tops a few times and it made my heart feel good seeing him so much happier and more. Never want to run out! by on 08/06/2015
My Cats Love It
This product comes in capsules so I just empty the powder into my cats food. I have bought this for them in the past and they liked it but not as much as now. It's like a little treat for them.I have a 15 yr old kitty and one that will be 11 in a few months. I mostly give this to them as a precaution. I figure if my joints ache then theirs must too. by on 02/01/2015
Recommended by vets
This product is recommended by my vet for my two elderly cats. They have never objected to it sprinkled over their breakfast--it's simple to use and helps the girls feel more flexible and they don't hesitate to jump up onto the bed or their 'window seat'. Since it's a brand name, I also shop by finding the best deal and pluses like free shipping, etc. PetCareRx gave me the best deal this time. by on 12/29/2014
My cats love this stuff!
My two older cats have improved so quickly. No more crying and hiding on cold mornings - now they are jumping & running like kittens again despite arthritis.They had no problem with a new flavor in their food. Highly recommended. And I'm not so worried about them. :) by on 12/28/2014
Well worth the money
I have been giving this product to my cat for over 5 years. She will be turning 14 this spring and is still a very active and energetic cat.....Healthy, bright e1, very soft coat and very "Young" acting. I believe Cosequin for Cats is a big part of that. by on 11/25/2014
Helps my cat's urinary tract issues
One of my male cats would always be peeing out of the litterbox, often times constantly squatting and letting out even just a few drops. He was always in a foul mood. The vet checked his urine and found crystallization and recommended this product. I sprinkle a pill on his food in the morning and one at night, and his urinary issues have cleared up and stayed away. by on 07/02/2014
Works for Me
My vet recommended this for one of my cats, and I bought it at PETsMART a couple of times. But, then I realized that it's fairly expensive ($30+ for about a month's supply), so I went on line to see where else I could get it. Should have known. I buy the flea and tick control from PetCareRx, and sure enough, your price is much lower than PETsMART's. Thakns. by on 03/23/2014
It works!
Without this product my cat walks on three legs. She has a front foot that gives her pain. It became an issue shortly after I adopted her. The vet suspects that it is a congenital problem. The Cosequin lets her be more active and I am thankful that it helps. by on 03/18/2014
easy to use
i am hoping this product works for my kittys old aching a urtharic bones ...took long enough to get the darn stuff.if ur pet is in great need, this is not the co you want to go with..they r beyond slow on shipping things out..if they even carry it.....not recomened by on 02/18/2014
Polydactyl cats inclined to leg pain
We rescued a cat with 7 and 6 front toes, named Ernest, for being a Hemingway cat. He developed a limp and vet told us these polydactyl cats frequently develop paw pain. Vet recommended Cosequin, and the limp disappeared, so it worked for us. We are thankful for the lower prices on PetCareRx since he gets a capsule each day. by on 02/12/2014
Great price- same product
My vet had started my cat on this medicine for kidney issues, it began to work quickly. Within the week our cat began to use his litter box again. The vet's price for this was double the price on this site. I am so grateful that I am saving money while getting the same exact item! Thank you PetCareRx! by on 01/13/2014
My cat likes it!!
Cosequin was recommended to me by a cat shelter volunteer who also uses it for her own cats. This is the first arthritis medicine my cat will take. I sprinkle it on her dry food in the morning and she actually will eat the food with the Cosequin on it. I was surprised because she is so finicky. I even bought a piller in case she wouldn't take it but have not had to use it. Amanda has only been taking this for about a month so I don't see too much of a difference yet but I know it takes awhile to be effective like Celebrex would work for humans. That's why I only gave it an average rating. Right now I am just so happy that she thinks it's tasty enough to eat it! This is an excellent price as I've compared it to other places. by on 12/27/2013
I am very satisfied with thie product.
My cat is 20 yrs old and its difficult to tell for sure if he hasarthritis, however I do believe he may be more comfortable. I believe time will tell. by on 12/18/2013
Works for joints and cat's bladder.
This visibly helps my elderly cat's joints. He walks better and seems more comfortable when jumping. It really appears that he is more comfortable in general. Also, this medication helped another cat who had probable interstitial cystitis. It helped restore her bladder mucous lining, making her comfortable when nothing else had helped. After this had time to start working, she had no more "accidents" and used her box all the time. by on 11/12/2013
I have 3 Tonkinese cats over 11 yrs old and they get around great using this product. by on 08/12/2013
Aging overweight cat climbs stairs
Our overweight and aging cat with hip problems still readily climbs the stairs to the second floor several times a day without apparent discomfort having taken this product for several years now. by on 07/17/2013
Easy to dispense and my Cat eats it!
I was worried about giving the Vet's prescription medicine to my older cat for his bone pain. One of the side effects of this medicine is that it could cause kidney failure etc. So Pet RX recommended the supplement Cosequin for my cat's joints. I could see, in a relatively short period of time, that my cat seemed more mobile and moved about with less pain and discomfort. I am pleased that there is a more natural alternative for my pet. Thank you, Pet RX by on 07/17/2013
This product is great. I use it for my Bichon since she's a small dog and it was recommended by my Vet. She's able to walk and go up and down stairs much eaiser now. I just open one capsule and sprinkle on her food once a day. by on 08/17/2012
great product
Our 21 year old cat has been taking this for about 2 years for arthritis and it has helped very much with her mobility-still able to get around, climb some and be happy. We have been been giving it to out 16 year old for preventive reasons for about 6 months and one of our 12 years olds has been taking it for about a year following an ASL problems and it has worked so well he does not need surgery. by on 05/12/2010
Very happy with the results!
My dear Starr (at the age of 14) was limping. The vet ordered x-rays & she told me about the severe arthritis in Starr's right hip. Cosequin has turned her mobility completely around. No limping... even the visible inflamation on her hip has been reduced. by on 12/08/2009
Pee no More
after a year on Cosequin our cat is still acting like a kitten. her pottie problems are very few and far between. Price OMG $39.00 difference from my vet! Ya got me and my Cat ;-} by on 10/22/2009
cured floyd
our cat is 15 and was always in great health. he suddenly started to get mushy. our other cat had died and we thought that was the problem even though they each hated each other with a passion for over 13 years.. he went through 2 sets of costly labs over a 4 month period just to make sure. our vet said many cats are now getting arthritis, try this med. we did not really thinking it would work. she said one month, the comments said less. well, in about 2 1/2 weeks, we noticed floyd perked up. started running up the stairs and chasing the other cats. for such a small price, this is worth so much. try it. it really works. by on 10/19/2009
Maybe it helps?
I've been sprinkling the contents of two Cosequin capsules onto my 18yr old kitty's food for the last couple of months. She's diabetic, arthritic, and was walking on her hind leg "hogs" due to the diabetic neuropathy. I've noticed that she is no longer walking on her hind hocks. She's walking on her hind paws with her rump high up in the air. But while her hind end is up her front is low...she appears to be walking on her front wrists. She's been off the Cosequin for a few weeks (ran out) and I've noticed that her bladder problem has returned. She will sometimes stop while walking and urinate! It seems that her bladder infection has resurfaced. Her urine has a pink tinge to it. I'm not sure if the Cosequin helped her, but it certainly didn't hurt! I'm going to get her back on it and see how things go. by on 03/23/2009
Helps with patellar luxation!
My youngest, Anastasia (4 yrs. old), was diagnosed with patellar luxation about 1 year ago. Our vet recommended she go on a diet and take Cosequin. Within a couple weeks Ana was back to her usual perches. She has done well on her diet, and the Cosequin still makes a world of difference. by on 02/03/2009
Noticeable difference in my Siamese cats
I noticed earlier this year that my 8yo, soon to be 9 years old, female Siamese was beginning to favor one of her rear legs, as though the hip hurt her. Well, she (and her brother) have been on Cosequin for almost 3 months and I no longer see her favoring the hind leg! I was very happy that the contents of the med could be sprinkled on the food, and I never had any resistance from my two very spoiled meezers! by on 08/25/2008
Pain be gone
My 12 year old cat seems much less depressed after being on Cosequin for a number of months. It's been very helpful & he seem much more energetic. Would highly recommend to ease pain. by on 07/18/2008
great product for my older cat
Your web site was easy to use and the product arrived quickly,cheaper than the vet charges and I got free shipping. My tonkineese is 19 years old and she seems to be more comfortable moving around since using this for her joints. Thanks! by on 06/14/2008
urinary tract disorder
our cat suffers from a urinary tract disorder that will remain for her entire life. The vet prescribed Cosequin, she has been on the medication for the year since we adopted her with wonderful results. by on 06/14/2008
Excellent transaction.....
Easy ordering process and site. Quick shipping! Best of all - free shipping with an order over $35.00. Best price I could find on the net for Cosequin. I'll be back!Too new to tell how my kitties will react.....but I am anxiously awaiting! by on 06/14/2008
My senior cat
The Vet recommended Cosequin for my cat who has arthritis I have used it for many years and Mitzie is now 20 years old. She is doing very well The cosequin has helped her get up and down the stairs and even jump on our bed again. I have now started using it for our 10 year old cat and maybe she will not get arthritis. by on 05/31/2008
New Life
I have been using this product on my cat for years. We noticed she'd started limping and our Vet recommended we try Cosequin. It worked miracles and now that she is 10 years old she still has plenty of pep and attitude. by on 05/23/2008
Thank you Cosequin
My 1 1/2 yer old cat has loose kneecaps and I was constanty worried that while playing he would get hurt and not be able to walk unless I take him to the Vet to get a steroid shot. I do not have to worry about that any more. Cosequin has taken the place of steroid shots. He is still unable to jump up on high places, but nothing else stands in his way. by on 05/03/2008
My two cats are 19 and 20 and have much more energy and less symptoms of muscle pain since they started taking this product. Easy to administer and very successful! by on 04/05/2008
Cosequin for Cats
My 6 year Sophia suffers from periodic urinary tract infections causing her painful urination and occasionally missing the box. My Vet recommended Cosequin. I have been using it ever since and she is back in the box and not straining to urinate. What a terrific product. by on 03/02/2008
Not just for older cats...
My vet recommended this supplement for our 2 year partial siamese cat who was suffering from a bladder disorder. She was having a difficult time urinating - it was very painful for her. When she was able to go, she went wherever the urge hit. Within a day or two of sprinkling this on her wet food, she was back in the litter box and feeling much better. It has also helped our 15-year old cats get around much better as well! by on 01/23/2008
Big changes
I didn't expect much, but Cosequin really relieved my cat's back pain - he's running and jumping like a kitten. by on 09/30/2007
Your only as old as you feel
My 14yr old cat had completely licked away the hair around her hips. Within 2 weeks on cosequin, she's was jumping around like a kitten and beating up her younger brother who is half her age and twice her size. She's been on the Cosequin for almost 2 years now. When I see her miss a couple of jumps, I give her 2 capsules for a couple of days and she's raring to go once again. by on 07/30/2007
I have a kitten again
My 12 year old cat was starting to not jump up or played very little. She now will jump up on to anything over 4 feet and plays everyday. I have a kitten again. by on 03/13/2007