Winter Is Here. Here Are 4 Tips To Take Care Of Your Pets


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Winter, that brutal time of the year where cold seeps in through the floor. There doesnโ€™t seem to be a way to winter proof everything. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s important to take some precautions โ€“ especially when it comes to the health of our pets. Our furry friends may seem like they donโ€™t need much help out in the snow because of their naturally thick coats. But not all pets are the same. Each breed experiences the cold weather in a different way.When you see the tell-tale signs of snow, get ready for a blizzard. As soon as the temperature drops, start making changes to your petโ€™s routine so that you can keep him comfortable, safe, and happy until the spring. Here are a few things you can do in order to ward your pet from the cold.

  1. Take Good Care of His PawsThe parts that are not covered by fur โ€“ the tail, ears, and legs are more susceptible to frostbite. There isnโ€™t much you can do to protect his ears or tail without causing him discomfort. However, you ca still take good care of his paws by getting his some booties so he can walk comfortably this winter. You could also limit your walking duration or only go out on walks during the day while the sun is out. Booties not only protect against the cold, but they also protect against dangerous chemicals such as deicers.
  2. Adjust His Calorie Intake In Accordance With Daily ActivityYour pet will burn more calories during the winter. This is because more energy is needed in order to keep the body warm. Some dogs are crazy about the snow. They may even go outside 4 โ€“ 6 times a day to just play in the winter wonderland. Make sure you adjust their calorie intake accordingly on these days so they get enough nutrients and minerals to be comfortable.
  3. Play Games With His FoodSome pets are hesitant to go out for walks during the winter. Their physical activity will decrease when this is the case and that can lead to unnecessary medical conditions that could otherwise have been avoided. Instead of making him go outside, play games with his food so that he can get some physical activity out of it. Itโ€™s a great method to get him moving and keep him active.
  4. Never Take Him Off The LeashAlthough your dog might love running around in the snow, it is not as safe as it is during warmer months. He could wander onto a lake thatโ€™s still freezing over and fall in or simply get hit by a vehicle because there isnโ€™t much you can see in the thick snow.

The best thing to do for your pet this winter is be careful. Take special care to get him to exercise but also be careful of the dangers lurking outside. Better safe than sorry. So prepare for this weather change accordingly.

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