Will You Use A Laser Pointer For Your Cat?

Will You Use A Laser Pointer For Your Cat?

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A combo of cat and laser point equals immense fun. It is extremely enjoyable to see your furball chasing a small point of light to wherever you point it to. The question is whether laser pointers are safe.


If you are curious as to why your kitty likes to chase points of light, the answer lies in its predatory nature. As per animal behaviorists, a typical kitty will "hunt" about 10 times every day. The same instincts are present in indoor cats too. The pointer provides such a stimulation. When it comes to safety, buy only pet suitable laser pointers. This will not cause harm even if the laser gets directly pointed to the eyes of your cat. Do remember that the pointer must be pet-friendly. Problems will happen if it is not.

Positive and negative

For a lazy owner, a laser pointer is a boon. There is no need to run around with the cat. However, as with everything else, such a circumstance has both positive and negative effects. The list of positives includes your kitty enjoying excellent physical exercise. This is more true for an indoor cat. While the outdoor cats can climb trees and hunt for food, the most exercise your indoor car gets is locating the best location to sleep. This lifestyle makes the kitty unfit and bored. Cats invariably chase a red dot when they observe one.For the kitty laser pointers provide excellent mental stimulation too. It is important that the cat does not forget its hunting roots. The laser dot keeps it from getting bored. The pointer also enables it to play. The latter helps the cat to know what is safe and what is dangerous. It teaches kittens the vital skill of hunting, building muscles, and coordination. When it comes to adult cats, the action of playing helps them to polish their prey instincts.The laser pointer will help to create a bond between you and your pet. You fulfill your cat's natural wish to stalk its prey. For the owner, purchasing a laser pointer makes sense as you can make your cat active by using the laser pointer.All these do not mean the laser pointer is a solution to all exercise problems. It is to be remembered that cats are essentially predators. They must hunt and get a reward. Since a laser pointer can never be trapped, it could be frustrating for the kitty. This frustration may lead to the destruction of the carpet and other susceptible property. The owner may also suffer scratches or even bites in hands or other parts of the body. To overcome this, point the laser to any physical object which can actually be caught. The latter could include any hidden treats or a toy. When the animal "captures" these it enjoys a sense of victory.

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