Getting Your Cat Out of the Tree

Getting Your Cat Out of the Tree

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Cats find it easy to climb trees but coming down is an impossibility for them. This is as the claws of your cat helps it to climb up, but nearly useless when it comes to getting down. A cat stuck in a tree is a frightened animal. Making sounds and gestures at it will make it more afraid. It will be too scared even to attempt this feat. It is important that you calm the animal down first before you do some action to bring the animal down. A number of strategies are at your disposal in such a case.

The exact location is important

Find out exactly where your cat is stuck in a tree. Sometimes, the exact location could be hard to find as many branches and leaves cover the cat from your eyes. Once you know for sure the exact location of your cat, then you can start the necessary arrangements to bring it down. You want the cat to be calm. This is why you must lock the dogs so that they do not bark at the cat. The feline will never come down in this chaotic and frightening environment. It will be more stressed.

Call, treat, and laser pointer

Call the cat to climb down. If you are not the owner, bring that person and ask the owner to call it down. Cats normally trust their owners more than any human, and the feline may be successful in jumping down. The best strategy to adopt is the use of clicker training. It is found that such training even supersedes the fear in the animal and the chances of the cat climbing down rises by a few notches. If the cat looks hesitant or undecided, do not hesitate to use inducements or several other incentives to plead to the cat. Since it is your animal, you know it best and all the animal's accompanying quirks. The best treatment is one which has a strong smell. This is particularly applicable for unknown cats stranded in trees. Take a bowl, put the treat in it and place the bowl at the base of the tree. If it is an unknown cat, walk away as the feline may not feel comfortable eating around strangers. The cat will ultimately come down to eat the food. Alternatively, you can also use a laser pointer to attract the cat to come down. Almost every cat is drawn towards the pin light and will follow it wherever it goes. Move the light down the tree trunk or the safest path to come down. Repeat the path if the cat looks uncertain as to whether to follow the laser point or not.

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