How to stop your cat from biting

How to stop your cat from biting

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Many cats or kittens like to bite and does so at every opportunity. This is terrible for its owner and other family members. It is possible to end this disturbing feline behavior by adopting a few practices. The first action to do is to find out the reason the cat bites you. There is a possibility it gets overzealous while playing. There are other possibilities also, like the cat being frustrated or plainly bored. There are cases of biting when the cat has tried to communicate with its owner of being uncomfortable and started to bite when the owner did not hear it. If you know what your cats want, you could formulate a plan to stop this behavior.

Play interval

Cats, mostly kittens, become so immersed in play that they become uncontrollable. This is the reason you must not make any gesture which makes the kitten think of your hand as a kind of toy. Use an actual toy instead. Always remember to keep your hand a safe distance away from the kitten's mouth. It is perfectly okay to stop playing with your kitten if it continuously goes after your hand. You will know that the cat is doing more than incidental contact. If the cat bites you, turn on your back and cancel the play immediately. Do not restart the play or even communicate with your cat for a minute. If you do this, your kitten will understand.In many instances, your halt of play may not work. You have to send a stronger message. One way to do this is to change the scene. Stop play when the cat bites you. Pick up the feline and take it to another room. Drop the animal in the second room. Walk away. The cat will quickly learn the consequence of biting. It will get the message you want to send.

Petting and pointers

Some cats attack even when they are not playing. This happens when it has too much energy. The easiest way to solve this is to play with your cat until it gets tired. If the cat does not like to play with toys, then use a laser pointer. Remember not to overuse this tactic. Other than excess energy, cats also bite to relieve anxieties. A few cats transfer their feelings to another person by mounting unprovoked attacks. These could be extremely vicious. If this happens, but a synthetic pheromone and keep it around the house. The smell keeps cats calm as they feel secure.Do remember each cat is unique. It is important to handle a cat as per its personal choice. Petting can be acceptable to a few cats but many would take umbrage. If you are unsure about the cat, use the back of the hand to pet it.

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