Why Natural Dog Food is Better for Your Canine

Why Natural Dog Food is Better for Your Canine

Why Natural Dog Food is Better Than Commercial Brands

Why Natural Dog Food is Better Than Commercial Brands

As humans begin to adopt new-age diets that advertise weight-loss miracles and improvements to heart health, man's best friend has begun to experience the same benefits.

Natural dog foods and supplements have made their way into homes that aim to enhance common canine ailments like arthritis.AL.com reported that the city of Homewood, Alabama, is going to be providing its furry friends with a different kind of pet store. Called the Whole Dog Market, the store is set to open its doors at the end of September. It'll display organic and all-natural pet foods, leashes, collars, and other accessories that were made in either Canada or the U.S.The shop will also boast two dog-washing stations that use natural shampoos and grooming products. Awash, including the tub, cleaning materials, tools, hairdryer, and towels, will cost $15. It's one of the first offerings of its kind in Jefferson County."It's great. You can close the door, bathe your dog, talk to your dog, groom and dry your dog and then pick out some treats and head home together," said William Finney, co-owner of Whole Dog Market, quoted by AL.com.The store stands at 1,500 square feet, which is considerably smaller than leading national pet chains. Whole Dog Market also plans to give back to the community by hosting fundraising events with their dog-wash stations. All of the proceeds will be donated to local charities throughout the year. Whole Dog Market's location isn't the home shop, as its Atlanta-based stores have been in operation since 2005. It was originally started by Finney's aunt, Jean Finney, and has two locations in Atlanta and one in South Portland, Maine. When coordinating fundraisers, the launch markets have donated more than $300,000 per year. Organic dog food has made waves among pet owners, but not everyone has jumped on board with the craze. However, knowing the added benefits could get more dog parents to start feeding their canines the right, all-natural meals to improve their health.

What are the benefits of natural dog food?

According to Abe's Market, owners who feed their pets commercial dog food are essentially supplying them with the canine equivalent of fast food. The ingredients aren't as wholesome as natural foods, being chock-full of preservatives that can do damage to your dog's body. Replacing your pooch's meals with something more natural can have numerous benefits to his health. Here are three ways natural foods can improve your dog's well-being.

  1. Stronger immune system: Organic Authority explained that organic pet food is commonly recommended by veterinarians because it's more nutritionally complete than grocery store brands. With better value and nutrients than leading foods, natural dog meals are more digestible for canines. This means their bodies can absorb the nutrients, leading to a stronger immune system that they can maintain with every meal. In turn, owners can save money by having to make fewer vet appointments for costly infections and illnesses that require professional care.
  2. No by-products: If you look at the ingredient list on your canine's food, chances are it's full of animal by-products and unhealthy fillers like ground corn and corn gluten, according to Angie's List. It's important that pet parents take the time to research what's in the meals they're feeding their furry friends to become more aware of the damage they can do. The next time you get ready to purchase a new bag, look for all-natural foods without artificial flavorings and preservatives. Instead, you want high-quality ingredients like chicken, fish, and eggs. If you need further guidance, talk to your veterinarian about what's best for your dog.
  3. Save money: Angie's List pointed out that, at first glance, organic foods may have higher price tags than traditional bags but might cost less in the long run. Because they're packed with healthier ingredients, your dog will be able to eat less food per serving and still obtain the necessary nutrients for a stronger immune system and body. Owners won't need to constantly replenish their supplies and will begin to see significant savings over time.

While the Whole Dog Market might be convenient for Alabama residents, it can't beat the advantages of signing up for PetPlus. Members get direct access to hundreds of natural dog foods and supplements at affordable prices without needing to leave the comfort of their homes. 

PetPlus provides a 25 percent discount from over 4,000 veterinary clinics around the U.S., producing immediate savings for pet parents. Sign up and see why it's the only place you need to shop for all of your dog's needs!

Super Bowl No-no Foods for Dogs and Cats


Super Bowl XLVIII is almost here!

Chances are you have plans to watch the big game, and whether you are tuning in to see two titans of football clash in a spectacular finale to a remarkable season, or for the high-budget and often hilarious ads that major corporations will be running during the game (and probably for the rest of 2014), you know that the snacks will be a-flowin'.

Chips, dip, wings, brews, soda -- all sorts of yummy finger foods and refreshing beverages. But be aware, for our dogs and cats, many of these snacks can be quite dangerous.

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Beer is a crucial component of many peopleโ€™s Super Bowl Sunday, but for our furrier friends, this type of foamy, cool refreshment should be avoided at all costs. A cat or dog's liver is not able to effectively metabolize alcohol, making them very susceptible to alcohol poisoning.


If you are having any cookies, trail mix, or candy at your party, donโ€™t share any with your pet. Chocolate contains theobromine, which is poisonous to pets. Also, chocolate contains caffeine, which has a much more concentrated effect on pets and can seriously affect their heart.


Sugar, caffeine, and carbonation -- sweet deliciousness to us, but for a dog or cat it can cause some serious health problems. Pets do not ever need to consume anything with sugar in it, and if they do, it can cause health complications. The caffeine in soda, as mentioned above, is bad for their heart.


This wonderful dip is likely to make an appearance at your Super Bowl party, but the bowl should be carefully watched, as it contains a few things that can ruin your petโ€™s day. There are plenty of fruits and veggies that are great for pets, but avocado, while not incredibly poisonous, is not good for pets either. The more likely culprits are onions and garlic, which are very dangerous to pets. So guac is a no-go.


Everybody loves wings -- theyโ€™re finger-licking good! However, thanks to the tiny, brittle, and easily-swallowed bones at their core, these scrumptious snacks are best left for human guests. Bone shards can cause choking and damage to a pet's digestive system. Good thing our pets donโ€™t have fingers to lick!

For a better idea of what foods are alright for your pets, check out our helpful video.

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