Why Is Your Dog Barking Too Much And How To Treat It?


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It is natural for all dogs to bark. If you are expecting that your pet dog should not bark at all, it is similar to expecting that your kid will never talk. However, there are some dogs that bark excessively. In case, your dog is also exhibiting a similar kind of behavior, you should first try to figure out what is causing it to bark so much. When you have identified the causes of his barking, it is easier to treat this problem.

Reasons for dogs to bark

Dogs use barking as a form of their vocal communication. Barking can signify several things as it depends on a particular situation. Check out some of the reasons for dogs to bark.


There are some dogs that start barking as soon as they hear any noise or object, which startles them or catches their attention. It can happen in any place and not necessarily in his home territory.


Most of the times dogs start barking while greeting people or animals. Such barks are their expression of happiness that is typically accompanied by wagging their tails and jumping with joy.


Dogs do not love to stay alone. When you leave your dog for a long period of time in the yard or in your house, it can feel desolate or bored and start barking as they are sad.

To seek attention

Many dogs frequently start barking if they want to have something such as to get a treat, playing or a desire to go outdoors.


If your dog considers any animal or person stepping into an area as its own territory, it may resort to excessive barking. And when it feels that the threat is coming nearer, barking may even get noisier. The dog looks aggressive and alert in this type of barking.

Compulsive/separation anxiety barking

When dogs suffer from separation anxiety, they tend to bark louder and more frequently while they are alone. Other symptoms such as depression, inappropriate elimination and pacing are also exhibited by them. If your dog is a compulsive barker, he will simply love to hear his voice.

How to take care of excessive barking?

If you want your dog to bark less, you need to be patient as it will require consistency, work and time. Things cannot change overnight however you can observe progress with time and proper technique.Here are some of the points to remember for controlling your dog's excessive barking.When you shout at it more, your dog may end up barking more as he will believe that you are also joining in. Hence speak firmly but calmly send avoid yelling.A majority of the dogs are not sure about what you want them to do every time you yell and say "shut up". Rather, you need to train your dog to understand the meaning of the word "Quiet". 

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