11 Ways You Are Actually Making Your Dog's Life Shorter Common Mistakes to Avoid While Caring for Your Dog

11 Ways You Are Actually Making Your Dog's Life Shorter

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Have you ever thought about how your lifestyle affects the lifespan of your furry friend? There are many ways in which we unintentionally shorten the life of our dogs. The article lists some ways you might harm your dog's health and lifespan.

You probably love your dog more than anything else if you are a dog owner. So naturally, you want to take care of them, provide them with the best pet supplies, and give them the best possible life. And yet, sometimes we forget that we might be making our dogs' lives shorter than they could be if only we were more proactive about their health care needs. Some things may seem like nothing but can greatly impact our pets' longevity.

Allowing Them to Get Fat

One of the most common mistakes dog owners make is not keeping their dogs at a healthy weight. In fact, according to a study from the University of California at Davis, overweight dogs are at higher risk for many serious health conditions, including diabetes mellitus and osteoarthritis. In addition to those risks, overweight dogs have more difficulty moving around than their slimmer counterparts. As a result, it can be fatal when it comes time for your dog to defend himself against an attacker.

Pet parents need to recognize that obesity in dogs does not look like obesity in humans. There may be visible abdominal fat or a pot belly, but there are often no outward signs of being overweight. It can make it even harder for owners who want help losing weight with their pets because they don't know how much they weigh or where they stand on the scale. Dog foods like Royal Canin Weight Management can help maintain the ideal weight for your dog.

Too Much Isolation

You are making your dog's life shorter by putting them in a large dog crate, ignoring them, or not letting them socialize with other dogs. Dogs have an innate need to be around other dogs and people, so when you leave them alone all day while at work, they become bored, depressed, and lonely.

There are many ways that you can make sure that your dog is getting enough time with both people and other dogs during the day:

  • Take walks or play in the park with your pet daily or at least every other day. Ensure that you use a retractable dog leash that allows your dog to be loose to a certain extent yet always close to its owners.

  • If you don't live near parks or walkable areas, take them on long car rides where they can see new places from the outside.

  • Bring your dog along for errands like grocery shopping or picking up mail from the post office. Not only will this give them something interesting to do besides stare at walls all day long, but it will help build confidence because they'll see how much attention they get from strangers. In addition, this kind of exposure helps prepare any pup for future situations where unfamiliar people might approach them. Such as when walking through crowded streets downtown during lunchtime hours. However, in too busy or crowded areas, use a no-pull dog harness to keep your dog fully under your control.

Not Enough Exercise

Exercise is the most important part of a dog's routine, but it's also one of the easiest to neglect. Dogs, like humans and many other animals, exercise daily to stay healthy and happy. But what does "exercise" mean for your dog? It can include anything from simple walks around the block or a good romp in the park with you to more complex activities like agility training, where they learn tricks and compete against each other. Use a training collar for dogs while involving your dog in training activities.

Some dogs have high energy levels that need constant stimulation, while others are more laid back and prefer an hour or so each day just lounging around at home. Whatever kind of exercise you choose for your pet will depend on his personality but don't forget that all dogs get bored easily if they don't have enough physical activity.

Exercise is especially important for overweight or obese dogs since it helps them lose weight while relieving stress which can lead to health problems if left untreated. However, even underweight dogs who haven't been getting enough calories might also benefit from some extra fun outside. You can also involve your dogs in having a good playtime. Here interactive dog toys can help your dog have a good time playing around.

Not Taking Them to the Vet

You probably have a good idea when it's time to take your dog in for regular vet visits, but did you know that taking a pet in for regular checkups can make his life longer?

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that dogs see the vet at least once every six months. You might think this is excessive, but there are several reasons why this is important, from learning about new vaccinations and medications and catching any symptoms early on for more effective treatment. In addition, going to the vet helps keep your furry friend healthy and keeps them around longer.

If cost is an issue and you can't afford these visits, consider switching to another vet with lower rates or asking if any promotions are going on. If neither of those options works and your wallet isn't willing to budge either way, then maybe it's time for a different breed altogether.

Giving Them Too Many Treats

If you're using treats as a substitute for food, this can cause them to overeat and gain weight, leading to health issues like diabetes and arthritis.

Giving your dog too many treats can also encourage bad behavior. Still, over time if it becomes an expectation that he gets rewarded with a treat every time he does something acceptable. It can make him expect behaviors such as jumping up on people or barking at other animals when no treats are involved. These kinds of behaviors are often difficult for owners to break. However, some treats, like the Milk-Bone dog treats, are good for your dogs.

Not Giving Them the Right Food

Dogs are omnivores and need a balanced diet, like Hill’s Science Diet, meaning they need to eat meat, vegetables, and fruit. They should also eat food high in protein but low in fat and fiber. Dogs should have vitamin and mineral-fortified kibble or canned dog food that includes:

  • calcium for strong bones;

  •  iron for healthy blood cells;

  • taurine for heart health;

  • zinc for reproductive function;

  • selenium for thyroid function; and

  • niacin (vitamin B3) for energy production.

Ignoring Symptoms & Signs of Diseases

The first step is to learn to keep an eye on your dog's behavior and physical signs. The second step is to get them checked by a vet when you notice something odd or if they start acting differently. It's important not to ignore symptoms or signs of disease because no matter how long you wait, it won't get better on its own.

The third step is understanding what vets do for us when we visit them; they make diagnoses based on symptoms and signs brought up by our pets. So if we don't take our dogs in for checkups, how can we expect them to get better? Vets aren't magicians; they need information from us to make accurate diagnoses.

Poor Dental Care

Poor dental care can cause a wide range of health problems in your dog, but it's one of the most preventable and treatable.

The most obvious sign your dog has bad teeth is excessive gum bleeding. If you notice bright red or blood-stained gums, it's time to schedule an appointment with the vet for an exam. Other signs include:

  • Drooling more than usual

  • Bad breath that doesn't go away over time

  • Difficulty chewing hard foods or toys

Allowing Dogs to Get into Fights

If you let your dog get into fights, it will likely get hurt. Your dog could also contract diseases like rabies or tetanus by getting bitten by another animal. If a stranger's pet has a severe bite wound, they may be unable to control the pet and end up biting your dog. It can also lead to rabies if the other animal was infected with it in the first place.

If you want to keep your puppy safe from all these dangers, keep them on a tight leash or a dog harness when going outside. Also, ensure they're always inside at night when wild animals roam around looking for food.

Improper Hygiene

One of the most important things you can do to keep your dog happy and healthy is to maintain its hygiene. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Bathe your dog regularly. It's important to bathe them at least once per month, but they may need it more often if they're outside or get dirty easily. Also, use flea shampoo for dogs if your dog comes in contact with other dogs on the street.

  • Clip their nails regularly. If you let them get too long, they can cause pain and discomfort for your pet. If unsure how often this should be done, ask an expert for advice on what will work best for you and your pet's needs. Use professional dog nail clippers to ensure your dog's paw does not get injured while clipping nails.

  • Take care of their coat with regular brushing sessions so that dirt does not build up under the fur over time. It will make them more physically and emotionally susceptible if left untreated. Use a good quality dog brush so that it is good for your dog's fur and skin.

Not Teaching Them Basic Commands

You might think your dog knows how to behave because he was born into a family and has been around people all his life. But there's more to it than that. First, your dog needs to be taught basic commands, such as 'sit' and 'stay,' to be a good pet. He also needs socialization with other dogs and people to not grow up scared or aggressive towards them.

It is why it's so important that you take some time every day and spend time training your pet using commands like "sit," "stay," and "come." The more often you practice these skills with your pet, the better they'll become at responding when asked.


You might not think something is bad for your dog, but it can be.

The way you are raising your pet matters more than you may realize. Dogs have a shorter lifespan than humans; as such, we must ensure that we do all we can to keep them happy and healthy in the time they have with us.

In summary, it's important to remember that dogs have their personalities and needs. If the time has come to adopt a new dog, consider this list and find out which traits would be best for your family. You can also use these tips to help improve the life of your current pooch.

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