Why Does Your Cat Sit on You?

Why Does Your Cat Sit on You?

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Nothing feels happier than your cat sitting on your lap. Nothing can surpass the pleasure of a furball, choosing to relax on top of you. This is a special kind of bond which does wonders for the cat owner. It lowers your blood pressure and is good for your cat too. Do remember that not all cats sit on their owners. Some turn out to be lap cats. Whether a cat will sit on its owner depends on the individual cat.

Warmth and liking

A cat wants a few fundamental needs before they take the decision to sit on a person's lap. They can also choose to sit on your clothes. The easiest and the most logical answer as to why cats sit on your lap is that you are warm. Felines love the warmth and the laps of humans are exactly that-warm and inviting to any kitty.

This does not mean cats will sit on anyone's lap. They sit on people which they like. Cats like to make a connection with people they like, and sometimes they want to be petted too. This is important to the cat as petting resembles their mom's grooming. It is thus logical that cats want to be petted by people they like. A few cats also knead when they sit on a person's lap. The action of kneading simulates the animal's neo-natal days when kittens did that to mothers to stimulate the flow of milk. The behavior can be regarded as a self-comforting one, like purring.

Smell and the feeling of safety

Your cat also sits on you as it feels safe. The cat sitting on your lap is a relaxed cat, safe in the knowledge that you are there to protect it if something happens. A good smell is also a major factor. Your cat likes how you smell and thus wants to be near you. If you are not present in the house, the kitty will find out a piece of cloth with your scent on it and sit on that piece. If you visit an animal shelter, your cat will know about it instantly by smelling you. The animal can then avoid you for the time being. Do not feel sad. Other than the smell, the texture of clothes also matter. Cats do not like to sit on plastic products but love soft fleece and cotton. This holds true for complete strangers as well. Anyone wearing a soft cotton cloth may expect a cat to sit on the lap. Conversely, if you wish to avoid any cat, wear a raincoat or a jacket made of rayon. Cats only sit on people they believe they could trust. If a cat sits on you, it means the animal trusts you.

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