Why do Cats Watch TV?


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Cat owners know that their feline companions love to watch television โ€” cats like nothing more to watch nature-themed programs and feature films having an excessive amount of birds. Cats love TV more than dogs as their focus is sharper. The pupils reach faster, and they see the TV images much richer then we humans do. The same physical advantage helps cats to see better at night as well. This does not mean cats are addicted to daytime television. Given a choice between a TV set and the window, it will still sit on the window sill if there is a lot of traffic or scenery. Conversely, if your window faces a wall, expect your cat to sit beside you when you switch on the television. Some content companies know this and made films especially for cat viewing.

No window access

Cats who like to sit near the TV screen all day usually have no access to any window it likes. If this continues for a long time, then a few cats may get addicted to TV programs. It is observed that the favorite programs of cats are those which show birds, fish, and rodents. For cats, these are natural prey. Many animal behaviorists have surmised that cats who love to watch TV could enjoy an increased prey drive. They are most probably be attracted to the swift movements of the objects on the screen. The TV screen may also attract cats who are bored out of their wits. It is thus important to make a comfortable window perch and plenty of toys to keep the cat active and not stare all the time towards the TV screen.

Manage your cat's TV viewing As a cat owner, do not be alarmed if your kitty sits too close to the TV set. The proximity does not harm its eyes. The problem starts when the kitty gets too much engrossed in the TV programming and leaps on to catch the bird shown on the screen. Two outcomes from this scenario are possible- and both will cost you money. The TV set may topple over or get broken, or your cat may injure itself in the electricals. This is why if you see your cat is addicted to TV programs, then keep the TV firmly attached to the wall. It may break by toppling on to the floor if it stands on the table. When you see your cat getting too much interested in a show, talk to it to break its concentration. If you do not, then chances are it will leap up and sit on the TV itself. The hooks holding the TV on to the wall may not take the extra weight, and the device will fall to the ground. The screen may shatter, and you may have to pay out an exorbitant sum to repair it.

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