Activities for you and your cat this International Cat Day

Activities for you and your cat this International Cat Day

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International Cat Day is almost here. Yes, August 8 is the day when you can celebrate with the animal which calms you down when you are angry and cuddles up to you when you are sad. It is now your time to make it happy. Your cat must feel extra-loved during this day.

Have a party!

It is an excellent idea to have a fun-filled party exclusively for the cat. Purchase more than the usual quantity of catnip and then invite all your cat's feline friends to enjoy an excellent time. Do prepare delicious food and do not forget toy mice for the kitties. The cats will play hide and seek, and tag and chase. They will sip milk and munch on a few snacks. You can give vegan snacks too if you are inclined that way.


You can volunteer at the local animal shelter. There is more than an even chance that your local shelter is searching for volunteers. Distribute your love to different animals. They will love it and so will you. After you finish volunteering, take yourself and your kitty to a cat cafe. Not only your cat enjoys a cool drink and a sumptuous meal, you get a smart cuppa as well. Since you are visiting a cat cafe, it is perfect to take as many pictures as possible.

It's high five and TV time!

You can teach your cat how to shake hands and also do the High Five. These are perfect bonding activities. Do not forget to praise them and also encourage the felines with things they like. These could range from expensive catnips to a virtually free sweet cuddle. Another fun thing to do is to give your cat a fancy global name. Call your cat by this name and see whether it responds (or not).Tune your TV set into a cat favorite channel like the aquarium show. If you do not own a TV, play the aquarium video on your smart mobile device. If these are hard, watch the play with the name, you guessed it, CATS. You and your cat can sing together as well. Felines can naturally sing and you can tune our vocal chords by singing with them. Just ensure they do not scoot during the middle of the show!

Why not a catwalk

Why not go for a catwalk? Not the fashionable, on the ramp kind, but with your kitty in your local park. Both of you will enjoy the fresh air and can stretch the legs. Invite a few of your human friends and allow them to play with your kitty. Fun time all around!You two can visit a ball-pit. If you are too lazy to venture outside, make a ball-pit for your cat. You simply require a box and a few colorful balls. This makes for a superb Instagrammable photo!

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