Should you hug your cat or not?


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For many cat lovers, an attempt to hug their cats is a futile exercise. The cat pants and squirms and has the agonized look in its eyes. They realize that it is not worth to keep attempting to hug their cats. These do not mean all cats dislike being hugged. Some cats actually look forward to the action. A few breeds are extremely affectionate and would love to lay on your lap and nuzzle on to your lap. Cat breeds like LaPerm, Burmese, and Ragdoll are known for being animals who love people. They form strong bonds with two-legged family members.

The reason why cats do not like hugs

Cats are not all cute and cuddly. They are descended from their feral ancestors who were both prey and predator. Feral cats hunt and may eat bugs and rodents. Conversely, they are hunted by bigger predators who tend to attack and eat them. To them, a human attempting to cuddle them equals a predator. It triggers a cat's stress response. Do not make the mistake of thinking your cat loves to be hugged if it does not want to run away. It could also be that the animal is frozen with fear. In short, most cats absolutely hate when you hug them.

Signs to look out for

There are a few obvious signs of your cat being uncomfortable when you hug it. It may try to run away or swish its tail. The pupils in its eyes could dilate it may begin to hiss and scratch. Growling is also another sign of a cat losing its temper. If your cat feels stressed, it could be manifested in defecating or urinating outside the litter box and diarrhea. There could be excessive vocalization as well. If the cat does not like to be hugged, do not hug it.

Hugging cats that do not exhibit stress signs

You should hug any cat on its own terms. Whatever you do, never swoop on your cat. This action will scare the feline and stress it. Allow the cat to approach you and sit on your lap. After it sits comfortably, talks to the kitty and pet it where it likes to be petted. Under chin is the most popular choice. In case your cat makes a purring sound, it means it is feeling happy. Gently put your arms loosely around her. If the feline wants to get away, allow it to do so.

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