Why Do Cats Steal

Why Do Cats Steal

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A vision of a cat is not as good as a human. Felines are essentially predators. Their eyes can see swift prey movements. This is true especially when lights are dim. The eyes of a cat can notice any slight movement if anything makes during dusk. They have a sharp and extremely detailed vision. Peripheral vision is much better than a human. They can see a lot more from the corner of their eye. A cat could catch the littlest movement. If the object of its attention shines, then it is a given that the feline will go to investigate what it is.

Attention is the key

A cat is naturally curious. Like humans, their eyes get attracted to shiny objects. These could be anything, from a keyring to a coin. It can be glass shards as well. Cats steal for two reasons: they want to play with the thing and they want attention.Cats love attention. This is the reason they steal your things. A few cats steal silver products when they want attention. The cat would stand over a shiny object and guard it. If you extend your hand to take it, the cat will swat away your hand with its paw. This is a method of getting attention. Do understand your cat believes negative attention is still viable attention. The cat has quickly learned that if it steals your jewelry, you will pay attention to what it is doing. No wonder the cat steals objects which you use on a daily basis like silverware, coins, and jewelry. Christmas ornaments are a favorite!

It's playtime

Play is another factor. Felines are drawn to any object not only due to its appearance and texture but also due to the smell of the owner. Cats are extremely good at locating things to play with. Felines love laser pointers. If it moves, it could be a possible prey. This provides the cat to practice its pouncing and stalking skills. If a Christmas decoration swings in the wind, then it becomes irresistible for your cat. A few cats steal things and hoard them in a secret place. Experts are still divided on the issue of why cats make a collection of what they steal.Of all the cat breeds, a few varieties are more prone to find out shiny objects. No matter which breed of cat you have, it is wise to lock away your jewelry from the paws of your kitty. In case you have a shortage of time, leash your cat for peace of mind. To leash them, give them treats to smoothen the process. The four most active species are the Bengal cats,ย  Munchkin, American Bobtail, and Pixiebob. All of them are playful and intelligent.

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