Why is Your Cat Afraid of Cucumbers?


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Cats are remarkable animals. They range from the extremely aloof to the moderately affectionate and the reserved serious type to the funny and silly type. Cats know exactly what they want and when they want it. If they want to be fed or need attention they will demand it till they get it. And when they want to be left alone no amount of calling or tempting with treats will get them to react.Cat videos have become very popular on social media over the last few years and they have us going from aww to hilarious laughter in seconds. Miscalculated leaps that get a cat in a tangle and the resulting stunned look on its face can send viewers into peals of laughter till long after the video is over. The latest trend of cat videos to sweep social media is ones showing cats being terrified of cucumbers. Placing a cucumber near an unsuspecting and otherwise occupied cat has resulted in some entertaining reactions when the cat spots the vegetable.The most common reaction recorded is the cat being absolutely terrified and leaping several feet into the air to escape the gruesome cucumber. Other reactions include the cat getting ready to attack the veggie or stare it down. The big mystery of course is why cats react in this way to cucumbers.

So why do cats react in this way to cucumbers?

Animal behavior experts believe that it is not the cucumber itself that causes the reaction but its sudden appearance out of nowhere. In all the videos posted the cat is usually engrossed in eating while the cucumber is placed close to it. On unexpectedly noticing the vegetable the cats get startled and react in fear.Cats by nature are suspicious animals and are overly cautious about anything they donโ€™t understand. Loud noises and bright blinking lights can also cause cats to react in fear. It is just as likely for a cat to have the same reaction to a banana or a stuffed toy that is stealthily placed near them, as it did to the cucumber.On the other hand if the cat saw you bringing the cucumber and had a chance to sniff it and see you place it on the floor the fear response would not kick is. It is also possible that cats find unexpected cucumbers frightening because the elongated shape resembles a snake. All animals are programmed to beware of snakes and this could be what triggers the reaction in cats.

Word of caution

Just like our hearts skip a beat and we start to breathe heavily when suddenly startled cats too experience these feelings. Scaring them time and time again for the sake of a few laughs is a rather cruel thing to do and not good for a catโ€™s health and wellbeing. So give your cats a break and put those cucumbers in a salad.

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