Why Cats Make the Best Companions


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Cats are undoubtedly one of the most adorable animals out there. They are beautiful, elegant and the perfect animals to cuddle with. A catโ€™s delicate appearance should not take away from their extremely interesting personality. Cats are curious โ€“ almost to a fault. As they belong to the feline family, they have a natural predatory instinct. Cats love to explore unchartered territory and are extremely independent creatures. Although they are commonly misinterpreted as being selfish, they are actually as delightful as pets. If you are a cat lover, read on to find out why cats make the best companions.

  • Cats get along with children

Cats are excellent pets when it comes to fulfilling emotional needs. Studies show that cats are especially the best pets to have around young children. Cats can help your children enhance their social skills and build better coping mechanisms. Growing up with a cat as your pet from a young age will make your child less prone to developing allergies as well.

  • Cats will not break your bank

As compared to dogs, cats are quite economical to have as pets. Cats are smaller in size, so they eat lesser food. Cats are also very independent. They keep themselves entertained and need fewer toys to be engaged.

  • Not too noisy

If you prefer to live in a peaceful environment, cats are the best pets to have. If you are an apartment dweller, you can be assured that your cat will not get too noisy and disturb your neighbors.

  • Self-dependant

Cats require much lesser maintenance as compared to dogs. They do not need to be walked or taken out for exercise. These cute little beings require lesser attention, making them the ideal pet to have if you maintain a busy lifestyle.

  • Longer life-span

If you are considering adopting a furry companion but have a fear losing them too soon, cats are ideal pets to have. Many aged people prefer to keep cats as their pet as they are easier to care for and live for a longer time.

  • They keep you healthy

Many researchers believe that cats have a calming presence about them. These furry little friends can help lower their humansโ€™ blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart ailments. In fact, many cat owners admit finding their kittyโ€™s purrs to have a calming effect over them. All in all, cats are very lovable and make great companions for people of all ages. Cats have a history of being majestic creatures โ€“ they were even worshipped in Egypt at a point in time. If you are looking for an adorable, intelligent and low-maintenance furry friend, cats are surely the perfect companion for you.

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