9 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained Here are some bizarre cat behaviours and reasons behind them.

9 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

In addition to being adorable, cats can often indulge in behavior that could seem weird to humans. However, what appears as unnatural to you, does often have a logical explanation hidden underneath. Therefore, here are some bizarre cat behaviors and reasonable reasons behind them:

Pets genuinely make the best companions. Who doesn't love a kitty walking around the house, pretending like it's their castle, right? Cats are often considered a lot like humans; they value their meals, prefer to have their own space, and reach out for cuddles when they need love and reassurance.

In addition to being adorable, cats can often indulge in behavior that could seem weird to humans. However, what appears as unnatural to you, does often have a logical explanation hidden underneath. Therefore, here are some bizarre cat behaviors and reasonable reasons behind them: 

1.     Kneading

When you're sitting on the couch or just getting some rest anywhere around the house, your cat might present itself and begin kneading your body or a blanket. It's also called "making biscuits" by some people. Not only is this a way of showing that the cat feels happy, safe, and comfortable, but it’s often also a means for them to calm themselves down when they’re feeling upset or anxious. It’s their way of marking their scent on their owner or an object using the sweat glands in their paws. Kittens knead their mother's stomach to stimulate the production of milk. This trait also carries itself to adulthood and is presented to show a varying range of emotions.

2.     Burying/Covering Their Poop

Cats are often seen covering or burying their litter. One of the reasons for this is that cats inhabit their litter etiquette from their mothers, and are taught to conceal their poop and pee. They are also very sensitive about how their environment smells. Therefore, they cover their poop if they don't like the smell and want the ambiance around to smell good. It's almost like them marking the litter box as their territory by keeping their "business" covered. If you see a cat not covering their poop, it's probably because he or she doesn't consider the litter box as their territory.

3.     Hiding in Confined Spaces

Do you often find your cat hiding in strange, small spaces? Such as a cardboard box or a laundry basket? Well, although this is often a sweet surprise, there's a reason why cats tend to hide in weird, confined spaces. It's because it makes them feel safe, warm, and secure. This is why cats can often be seen chilling in bathroom sinks. It also explains why cats can sleep pretty much anywhere. However, since this weird behavior is pretty common among these feline friends of ours, it's better always to be careful while opening cupboards and the like so that you don't end up accidentally hurting them.

4.     Agility/Sudden Bouts of Energy

Have you seen the number of cat videos available on the internet? The reason why everyone loves them is that the agility of cats is exceptionally entertaining. They have a brilliant sense of balance, which is why several agility competitions are held among these furry creatures as well. You will often find your cat jumping around and bouncing off walls.

Their sudden bouts of energy can be attributed to the fact that the sleeping pattern of cats is very different from that of humans. Therefore, during the day, when you're not around, it is their sleep time, whereas nighttime is when they're their most energetic selves.

5.     Chewing on Things

Picture this: you have just returned from a round of grocery shopping, and before you can even sort out everything, your cat is already chewing away at the plastic bags. Similarly, cats can be found munching on various things such as woolen items, stuffed animals, and so on. While this is mainly done out of boredom or anxiety, you should always pay special attention so that your cat doesn’t end up eating the plastic all the way. Some cats are also weaned pretty early, and therefore feel the need to nurse on soft objects such as blankets or stuffed toys.

6.     Spying on People

Ever heard of the phrase “curious cat”? Well, it’s famous for a reason, because cats love spying on others. It’s due to their generally curious nature, which is why you will often find them staring at you for no reason, or just looking out the window for hours. This is when they’re monitoring and keeping a track of what’s happening in the outside world. Their curious nature also makes them valuable for the neighborhood watch groups.

7.     Ignoring You

It’s often said that whereas dogs are the ones who are constantly wagging their tails to gain the attention of their humans, cats are mostly seen as being lost in their own world. While you might see it as your cat ignoring you, that’s actually not the case. The first reason why they do this is because cats are independent creatures in general. Secondly, they aren’t trained the way dogs are, which is to listen and obey.

Cats won’t communicate unless they absolutely feel the need to. Even in the wild, mother cats communicate vocally with their kittens only in situations of danger. Therefore, cats always consider vocal communications necessary only in moments of absolute need. 

8.     Drinking from the Faucet

If you see your cat jumping onto the sink waiting for you to turn on the faucet for them to drink from, don’t be startled. This habit can be traced back to their wild ancestors when they preferred to drink from running sources of water than from a stagnant one. Since the latter would contain more bacteria, running water was more preferred.

9.     Nibbling on Grass

Is your cat fond of nibbling on grass? Don’t worry, because that’s normal. Although cats are carnivores, they do like to chew on grass every now and then so as to get the essential nutrients from grass and other forms of greenery. Cats in the wild would get these nutrients from their prey, and that’s where this piece of behavior comes from. More often than not, cats also do this if their tummy is upset or if they’re just trying to get the attention of their owners.

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