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Unlike dogs, cats hate to travel by car and would rather stay home. This bad feeling towards travel could be as your kitty associates car travel with something bad like visiting the veterinarian or the grooming salon. Its worst nightmare is to be left with other cats while you go on a work tour or a holiday. You can, however, make your cat's life much more comfortable if you two have to take a long ride in the car to a distant destination.

Cat carrier

For most cats (and their owners) a sturdy cat carrier makes a sensible option. It is vital to keep your kitty confined to one place inside the car. A loose cat can chew wires and open the window by stepping on the button. The cat may also distract the driver and cause an accident. This is why the cat should be in a carrier. You can buy a carrier made of wired mesh or hard plastic. The option of soft-sided bag made of fabric is also there. An ideal carrier is one which has sufficient place for you to sit, lie down, and stand. It must also have enough space to turn around. Do not worry about the carrier being cramped. Kitties love small, cramped spaces when they are anxious. It is essential to use a seatbelt to secure the carrier. This arrangement will save the cat if you brake or swerve suddenly.

Motion sickness

Like humans, cats could suffer from motion sickness too. For your cat, the unfamiliar sounds outside the car window, and the constant movement could be overwhelming. If you see your cat get frightened, move the carrier from seat to floor. Alternatively, take a towel and cover the carrier so that your cat cannot see outside. In this context, it is good to remember that cats love fresh air. A few cats enjoy the cool breeze of driving while others dislike the sound of wind passing by the car. In case your car windows are down, place the carrier in a place shaded from the sun. A cat drenched in sunlight could become hot and suffer illness. Conversely, if the car window is up, make sure your kitty enjoys proper ventilation. The car AC vent must not be over the cat. Do listen to soothing music while driving. The music will cover traffic noises and help your kitty to be calm. Do not play loud music, especially ones with loud music. A few cat owners regularly talk or sing to people to reassure the animal. Do give water or food during the breaks you give yourself while driving. Whatever you do, it is inadvisable to permit your kitty to run out of the car. You may never see the animal again.

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