Fundraising Scam May Kill a Rescue With Parvo in Dogs

Fundraising Scam May Kill a Rescue With Parvo in Dogs

parvo in dogs
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Even before she succumbed to Parvo in dogs, things were not going Shebaโ€™s way. When her family decided to move without her, she became very timid and sickly during her time at the shelter. After her condition started to worsen, the small shelter taking care of her was forced to relocate her to a larger outfit -- Felines & Canines in Chicago.

At F&C, it was discovered that what was once thought to be kennel cough was actually Parvoย in dogs, a much more serious condition. Sheba was losing a lot of weight and getting worse every day, which is why the staff at F&C decided to set up a donation collection page on

It seemed like a real roll of the dice, but after only a few days, the organization managed to raise a considerable chunk of change for Sheba. Thinking that her struggle was finally nearing its end, everyone at F&C was ready to start uncorking the champagne. However, the celebrations would come to an abrupt halt.

parvo in dogs
Photo from Facebook

How Charity Fraud Impacted A Case of Parvo in Dogs

As it happens, websites that allow you to make charitable donations anonymously (like are a breeding ground for people with stolen credit cards, since here they can test out whether or not the card works without getting caught. Unluckily for Sheba, a lot of the money raised by the site turned out to be fraudulent -- upwards of $3,000.

This posed a very difficult hurdle for Sheba and the people at Felines & Canines, since this type of fraud put them in a unique โ€œworst of both worldsโ€ situation. People looking at their page were deterred from donating, since it seemed like they had raised enough money to treat a case of Parvo in dogs. At the same time, no actual money was coming in for Shebaโ€™s treatment.

parvo in dogs Photo from Facebook

And to top it all off, all the time spent not getting Sheba treatment for her Parvo in dogs has resulted in her condition deteriorating even quicker. Barely stable, Sheba is clinging to life with what little strength remains.

If you would be interested in helping Sheba overcome her Parvo in dogs, go to her

GoFundMe page

and make a


donation. With enough support from the community, Sheba can put all of this behind her.

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