Now you can Swipe Right for the Perfect Pet

Now you can Swipe Right for the Perfect Pet

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Inspired by the popular dating app Tinder, individuals or families in Lithuania looking to adopt dogs, can now go online and swipe on various dogs to find the dog that suits them perfectly. This online Application, called GetPet, was launched in January of 2019 to allow dogs living in shelters to match with their potential adopters.

How did the idea come about for the application?

Gecevicius, one of the founders of the app, claims that the idea struck them when they saw a stray dog through a window while attending a workshop. The app acts as a bridge between individuals looking to adopt dogs, and dogs currently living in shelters across Lithuania. This is not the first app assisting the adoption of strays but has arguably the easiest user interface, and the simplest process leading up to the actual adoption. Users of the application, claim that they have wanted to adopt for a while now, but were not sure of how to approach the various shelters, and get to know the dogs. This particular application has simplified the process by a huge extent, which is allowing more and more people to breach the topic of adoption from shelters.

The founder of one of the shelters registered on to this application says that the numbers of strays have been increasing in Lithuania in recent times. This application has facilitated in allowing more of these strays to be adopted into forever homes, where they will be treated as a part of the family.

The application currently only facilitates the adoption of dogs, but going forward the founder's claim that they want also to facilitate the adoption of cats, located in various shelters across Lithuania.

The process of adoption

Once you open the app, you will be able to see various profiles of furry friends located around you looking for a home. The profile of the dog has pictures of the dog, as well as more information pertaining to the personality and history is provided once you scroll down.

If one particular pooch steals your heart, you can swipe right on its profile, which will match you with that particular pooch. You can then go on a date with this pooch, to establish whether he and you are perfectly suited to each other. If all goes well on the date, you can follow through with all the procedures of the shelter and bring a new family member back home. The founders aim to increase the geographical area that the application currently covers so that an increasing number of individuals looking to adopt pets can take advantage of the platform, while more strays can find homes forever for themselves.

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