Where Is Lyme Disease Most Common?

Mapping Lyme Disease Risk in the US

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Where Is Lyme Disease Most Common?

Lyme disease can cause serious illness in dogs, cats, and humans, and is more prevalent in some parts of the United States. Find out where Lyme disease risk is the highest.

Lyme disease is a dangerous bacterial disease spread by ticks. Dogs are more suceptible to it than cats, especially dogs that go hiking with their pet parents. Deer ticks, the most common carriers of Lyme disease, live in forested, shady areas, and wait for a host to come walking by. Humans can also contract Lyme disease, sometimes to life-altering effect. So where is Lyme disease most common?

The disease was first identified in Lyme, Connecticut, hence it's name, and it's still most common in the Northeast of the US. All 48 connected states have reported cases of Lyme, however, so all pet parents should be aware of the dangers and know what Lyme disease symptoms to look for and how to remove a tick.

United States Lyme Disease Risk to Dogs Map


This map, from Lymeinfo.com, a site run by pharmaceutical Boehringer Ingelheim, shows the areas of the US where dogs are most at risk for Lyme disease. In the red zone, almost 75% of unvaccinated dogs will test positive for Lyme in their lifetime!

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