Whatโ€™s Really in Prescription Pet Food?


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When your four-legged friend is recovering from a surgery, or it has an illness, the veterinarian will ask you to give it prescription pet food. According to the medical practitioner, these products will help your furry companion recover faster. They state that these contain specific ingredients which improve the health of your pets.

You need a prescription from the veterinarian to purchase these products. However, once you see the price tag of these types of pet food, you wonder what kind of ingredients they use in the manufacturing process? Does it have the necessary components to help your four-legged friend to a faster recovery?

Prescription Pet Food โ€“ Why do vets recommend it?

When your four-legged friend is suffering from a disease, such as diabetes, arthritis, kidney problems, and heart issues, the vet will ask you to give it prescription pet food. The manufacturers of these products claim that they contain the right ingredients to meet the dietary requirements for various illnesses. They also state that they avoid using substances which are known to cause inflammation or other problems.

What is in prescription pet food?

The best way to know what is in prescription pet food is to take a look at the list of ingredients and compare it with the normal variant. You will find the results weird, as both products use similar substances.

The question which arises in your mind is then what the major difference between these types of pet foods is? However, the reality is that it won't make much of an impact whether you stick to the regular or prescription pet food. The diet tends to be the same in either case, regardless of how you look at it.

Should you feed your four-legged friend prescription pet food?

It is challenging to answer this question, as it depends on a lot of factors. In most cases, there is no difference whether you stick to prescription or regular pet food, due to the similarity of the ingredients.

A better option would be to look for an alternative, which will be useful in helping your four-legged friend recover faster. One diet is to feed your pet raw foods, as it provides high levels of nutrition. Also, it is easier for your furry friend to digest these ingredients.

Another alternative would be to go for high-quality pet foods, as they have the right nutritional profile. You can also create a customized and balanced home-made recipe to aid the healing process during an illness. If you have doubts regarding how to make one, you can always consult the pet nutritionist. You can also ask the veterinarian to recommend alternatives to prescription pet food if it is beyond your budget. Make sure you select the right one, to ensure your four-legged friend gets the proper nutrients from every meal!

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