Winter Essentials that Your Cat Needs

Winter Essentials that Your Cat Needs

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Those who are proud parents of cats would know that these little furry creatures love warmth. You will often find them curled up in a sunny and cozy corner. You will see your cats being on the lookout for a warm spot, even more, when winter approaches. Winter is a difficult time for cats and cat owners need to be more proactive in taking care of their pet.

There are several essentials that you need to get for your cats to help them get through winter smoothly. We have listed down some of the things that will make taking care of your little pet effortless.

Ready to slide through winters slickly?

1. An indoor heated cat bed

If you do not have the indoor temperature cranked up at all times, chances are your house is going to be very cold. Get your cat an indoor heated cat bed where it can cozily curl up to fight the cold. This heated bed is especially beneficial for those cats who have arthritis as the heat can give relief to the painful joints.

2. A plush

For some, getting an indoor heated cat bed is too much, and you need something else to keep your cat warm. You can get your little friend a plush bed, which works as more than just a bed. This bed does not require electricity to heat up, and you can open it up to double it up as a cat mat. The plush material of this bed also attracts your cat's hair preventing a lot of shedding outside the bed.

3. Cat tower

This toy is for those cats who cannot go out anymore due to the cold weather. We understand that you can no longer let your cat outdoors for its little excursions. Your cat can get bored quite easily. For such cases, get a cat tower for your cat that will keep them entertained. They will keep climbing and exploring for hours.

4. A cat jacket

A cat jacket is required only if you have a hairless cat, like a Sphynx. Other breeds of cat have fur, and some of the breeds also have an undercoat for extra protection against the cold. However, for a breed like a Sphynx, you could get this indoor cat jacket to help keep them warm. Try getting one that is lined with fleece for extra warmth.

5. A good harness Get a good harness for your cat, which will help you when you go out for a walk. Attach the harness to a leash when going out for a walk, so your kitty does not run away into the cold environment. Make sure to buy the right size for your little friend so that they do not slip out of it. Introduce the harness slowly, starting by experimenting with it indoors. Ensure that your cat does not find a way to slip away from it.

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